When US Imperialism Spreads to Canada

So the Royal Bank of Canada has, in compliance with the U.S. treasury rules, started to close bank accounts of Canadians with an Iranian, Iraqi, North Korean, Cuban or Sudanese origin. Needless to say, this discriminatory policy is in breach of the Canadian laws, yet as it is explained here, the bank has no choice but to comply with the rules (one European bank has already been heavily fined for not doing so). So here’s an example of the US once again trying to apply its own will over the will of another sovereign nation, and this time the victim is not a country in the Middle East, whose name you can’t pronounce properly, it is Canada!

In all the terrorist acts that have been carried out in the U.S. since ever and particularly after Sept. 11th, there has NOT been a single Iranian involved, despite long lists of Saudi Arabians, Kuwaitis, Pakistanis, Egyptians, etc. Now why are people with Iranian origin being victimized is something someone must explain at some point.
Clearly, the U.S. is fighting the wrong folks the wrong way, and is dragging the rest of the world with it into misery.


One response to “When US Imperialism Spreads to Canada

  1. look you know as well as i do, that this is not about getting back at those who inflicted harm on the US. It’s an excuse, to further their own national interest…no wiat…not even further the ideological interests of a few on the top. When was teh last act of terrorism arried out by a cuban? or a north american?
    I just have to transfer all my royal bank stuff now…

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