Beware of hypocrites in media

This article in the New York Times does state the obvious– that an American confrontation with Iran would be a mistake. But is very hypocritical in its tone, in that it claims,

Iran certainly is helping arm and train Shiite militias.

It’s important to note that Bush has so far failed to provide any evidence of the Iranians destabilizing Iraq or arming militias. I don’t understand how the short-sighted author of this article (posing as a liberal here), claims that Iran is “certainly” doing what Bush says it’s doing.

This is the kind of stuff that drove America into war against Iraq: even the pseudo-liberals were “certain” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, without ever asking for hard evidence, only to be embarrassed later.

There is NO good evidence that Iran is helping anti-American militias in Iraq, and claiming so only serves to prepare the American nation for another futile and costly war.


One response to “Beware of hypocrites in media

  1. It’s strange that the NY Times is making the same mistakes with Iran that it had to apologize for with Iraq: accepting the Bush Administrations claims without insisting on proof.

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