No Bitch for President!

I agree with Loopy in that Hilary Clinton is the worst candidate Democrats can have, not because I don’t think she could win, I just think she’s a bitch and don’t want another disaster after 8 years of GW. Kerry or Gore or at least Obama, the rest of Dems can fuck themselves. I’d prefer John McCain to Hilary any time!

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3 responses to “No Bitch for President!

  1. Danny L. McDaniel

    I think McCain is going to come up short now because he is on the wrong side of the war issue. He was my favorite candidate in 2000 and remains so today. But Bush/ Cheney, the modernday version of the dynamic duo, have so alienated, confused most Americans that a candidate that demonstrates preceived competence will be elected, and the Clintons on the campaign trial have clear-eyed 20/20 vision. Hillary will tell the American people what is wrong with the US like your mother before her first cup of coffee in the morning.

    A sad commentary, but the American people have lost their confidence, similar to the late 1970’s, even Ronald Reagan couldn’t lift their spirits. It is going to be a long, hard road for awhile.

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

  2. the problem is that at times, most notably before the current war, it is very difficult to distinguish between some democrats and republicans. Hilary for example is an avid pro-israel candidate, and also was avidly pro war. so with a candidate like that, if she wins, you’d probably have the same out come as a republican except that it won’t be necessrily be out in the open…which makes it that much more dangerous.
    what is refreshing with the likes of obama and even gore, is that they are coming in with a fairly new perspective.
    it’s too bad that a guy like kucinich never has a chance at winning….

  3. Danny L. McDaniel

    “Kucinich never has a chance at winning…” Because the American people didn’t like him! America is a democrarcy, what a conept! We will appoint as our supreme leader no one likes! What do think happened in 2000?!

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