Some People Can’t be Fooled…

Here’s a comment written by a user under this article by Fukuyama:

Of course, Ahmadinejad might be the new Hitler, sure sure; keep dreaming on finding an awful mirror of yourself in the countries you want to demonize, belittle, and otherwise shred to pieces…
What a joke! Have you no commonsense and no shame? The western civilization you are talking about killed about 100 million people in two world wars in the span of 30 years, dropped two atomic bombs on innocent cities killing 200,000 people just for the heck of proving some ideological superiority, carried out pogroms and genocide against jews, homosexuals, and gypsies; enslaved a whole continent for over 300 years (treating human flesh like dead dogs on a beach: read about how the slaves where gathered and transported), colonized three quarters of the globe while pretending it is bringing the f***ing light of civilization, played with the lives of people in south america, post-colonial africa, and the middle east like they were garbage; and yes, ruined the prospect for a democracy in Iran in the 50’…
Now, mister big f***ing star intellectual with blood on his hand, tell us what country has Ahmadinejad invaded, what genocide has he carried out, what wars has Iran waged on its neighbours or far away countries…
Oh, yes, some people here will keep repeating the same phrase about his supposed intentions on Israel (INTENTIONS): either them being so gullible, or just dishonnest since at every occurence, I have checked, and you can check it easily, the stupid man’s discourse always and systematically referred to Zionism and not Israel. Anyways, this is surely one heck of a crime compared to your western civilization’s standards.
You are such a lame excuse for humanity.

I know the language isn’t very clean, but who gives a fuck? The man’s talking sense!

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