Memento – The Real Story?

OK, so I watched the movie once again, and here’s what I think:
Leonard Shelby IS Sammy Jankis. He kills him wife (who is a diabetic) without even knowing it, ends up in the asylum, but is told he killed his wife (the one he truly loved). Unable to handle the bitter truth, he writes himself a note, saying something like, “my name is Leonard Shelby, I’m from San Francisco, I lost my wife and my memory, and I need to take revenge against the person who did this to me.” (He does this again at the end: he distorts his own memory by saying ‘Teddy is the one, don’t believe his lies,’ in order to relieve his pain, since he can’t deal with the fact that he killed an innocent man). He escapes the asylum, looking for that illusionary murderer, a cop (Teddy) believes him, and decides to help him and uses him later on for his own benefits…

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