Thomas Friedman is lost in his puzzle!

So the man says here, let’s get rid of the Ayatollahs by bringing down oil prices. That’s a decent suggestion. But if you do that, you’re proving the point that Iran cannot rely on oil resources for too long and needs to move quickly towards alternative resources, the main one being nuclear energy– perhaps a reasonable claim by the Islamic Republic when it comes to defending their nuclear program. So what Tom Friedman doesn’t get is that by pushing oil prices down, you are nullifying the argument that Iran doesn’t need nuclear energy due to its rich oil resources. So you either keep the oil prices high, or shut your mouth and let them go on with their nuclear program under constant surveillance by the IAEA watchdog (what Iran is saying it’s more than willing to do).
There’s a trust issue there (i.e. the US has to trust Iran when it says it’s program is strictly civilian), and for that, Mr. Friedman has a respectable solution: the US should talk to its strongest potential ally in the Middle East, Iran.

Get someone like Friedman to sit with an Iranian Think-tank (like Ali Ettefagh) and you might actually end up with a solution; but then who’s gonna listen?!

Note: You may read this article for a more scientifically-oriented insight into the issue. The results suggest that Iranian oil exports may be “declining to zero by 2014-2015.” The discussion sounds biased, but as for any other scientific paper, what really matters is the results section which here supports Iran’s claims on energy shortage.

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3 responses to “Thomas Friedman is lost in his puzzle!

  1. Danny L. McDaniel

    So we line the muhallahs pockets and make them more dependent on their oil exports. The only way the Iran people are getting rid of the muhallhs is on their own with western financial and military aid – not participation.

    The problem with Middle East oil export countries is that once they grow into higher price oil they cannot “exist” on the revenue when it drops. For instance, Saudis in 2003 said $30 a barrel oil was were the price should be for them. Now the cannot live on anything less than 60 a barrel. They get fat headed about their luxury. The dole this money oput to alot of then same people we are currently fighting. That is the unreported story of the Iraq War. It is a vivicious circle trying to figure these people out. I can’t wait for the day they have to go back to being nomads and only revenue source is pilgrmages to Mecca and Medina.

    Iranians are in need of a quick revolution but that is not going to happen anytime soon. They get what they tolerate. I found through my life that the spiritualless people I have met are the ones that don’t practice anything and those that take it too extremes. That best sums up the Iranians and most of the Middle East.

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

  2. No, that does NOTsum up Iranians or the rest of the Middle East. In fact, there’s no single sentence by which you can “sum up” a nation. What you have in mind is a grossly misleaded view of Iran and the Middle East. An important theme of the 1979 revolution was Independence (the hostage crisis was nothing but an anti-imperialistic act, no connection whatsoever to Islamic extremism).
    Iranians are trying to rid themselves of the oil addiction, they have made some progress in recent years, reducing the volume of their oil exports every year since the early 1990s. The nuclear program is part of this project: they are just trying to get rid of their addiction to oil; and this is what Friedman also fails to understand. The fear of the atomic bomb is advertised to such an extent that people fail to realize that Iranians are only doing what the rest of the world is doing, i.e. resort to other energy resources including nuclear energy.

  3. Danny L. McDaniel

    As it pertains to foreign, yes, you can sum up a nation! It has to be done! More liberal bias junk! Touchy felly!

    By the way, the “hostage crsis” was a act of war no matter how you analyize it.

    You can tell you never worked in foreign affairs or wore a uniform.

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