Bush Plans to Provoke an Iranian Offensive Against U.S. Troops

According to this article by Michael Hirsh, Bush is apparently trying to get Iranians to attack the U.S. troops in the region in order to fight back and start a war on Iran without a need for Security Council’s approval, as well as unanimous support within America for such a war (since it would be considered an act of self-defence).

Bush and his senior aides, recognizing they have little public or allied support, seem to be putting in place a policy that incites the Iranians to act first, these critics say…The Bush administration intends “to be as provocative as possible and make the Iranians do something they would be forced to retaliate for,” says Hillary Mann, the former director for Iran and Persian Gulf Affairs on the National Security Council under Condoleezza Rice during Bush’s first term. “When they state that the Iranians are building support networks to kill U.S. soldiers—I mean, I went to Harvard Law School, and that’s a casus belli. Nick Burns recently invoked Article 51 of U.N. charter. That’s the right to self-defense. That means you don’t need another U.N. Security Council resolution to go to war.”

The article also point to a PEACE PROPOSAL put forward by Iranians in 2003 , which was completely ignored the White House. Newsweek has obtained a copy of this proposal. I wonder how Bush & Co. are going to justify something like this and unilaterally attack Iran.

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2 responses to “Bush Plans to Provoke an Iranian Offensive Against U.S. Troops

  1. Dear Nima,

    First, I want to say that I think your website is great! I just found it and will bookmark it for further reference.

    I too fear an attack on Iran by the U.S. is forthcoming. As an American, I am trying to resist this move and am trying to prevail upon others to do the same. Given what the U.S. has done to Iran in the past (the overthrow of Mossadeq, the construction and support of the Savak, the support for the Iraqi invasion of Iran), I do not see Iran as the aggressor or the threat here. I sadly view my own country as the threat to peace in the Middle East. I am always looking for ways to help oppose the U.S. march to war with Iran and am open to any suggestions from you and your readers. In the meantime, I send you a message of solidarity.

    If you want to check out my website, which also focuses on this issue, feel free to go to http://www.dankovalik.com

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank YOU Nima for your website and its contents … luckily not the only reasonable one. (There are quite enough active warmongers and even very strange “peacemongers”.)

    And thank YOU Dan for your comment … may people like YOU be successful … for the lunatic politicians in charge with their new-born Christ and “commander in chief” have lost every contact to the realities.

    It’s just good to hear such voices and to know about them!

    With hope – dying alwas last – and solidarity from my part as well.

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