Bush Plans to Attack Iran in the Absence of Criticism

Robert Parry argues that while all evidence points to Bush planning for an attack Iran, all media as well as Democrats are not only indifferent, but are in fact supporting such intentions.

Congress and the major U.S. news media appear to be taking Bush at his word that he is not planning to bomb Iran, although he has dispatched two aircraft carrier strike groups to the region, deployed Patriot anti-missile missile batteries, has British mine sweepers in place, and accuses Iranian agents of helping to kill American troops in Iraq.

This wishful disbelief around Washington that a wider war is looming remains steadfast even as Israeli officials call Iran’s nuclear program an “existential threat” and reportedly train their pilots for bombing runs against Iran’s heavily fortified nuclear facilities.

Yet, instead of front-page stories about the dangers of an expanded war in the Middle East or an examination of alternative strategies that might be tried, the major U.S. newspapers act as if nothing is happening.

It’s funny how Bush’s methods to approaching a war have changed little, and yet how easy it still is for Bush to fool everyone and start another futile and costly war.

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