Rageh Omar Inside Iran: An Amazing BBC Show About Iran

Eyeranian has some news about a BBC show by Rageh Omar about Iran to be broadcast on BBC on Feb 15. There’s also a short part from Omar’s report on Iran, which is, quiet honestly, one of the best I’ve seen in Western media. This is really something to look forward to. Now I know we, in North America, don’t get BBC on cable, but I’m sure this program will somehow be available online soon after it’s broadcast and I’ll post a link here once I find it.
Meanwhile, if you get BBC, make sure you won’t miss this program!

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4 responses to “Rageh Omar Inside Iran: An Amazing BBC Show About Iran

  1. Looks good. It also conveys the feeling of crossing the street in
    Tehran better than anything I’ve ever seen.

  2. I cannot say how moved I have been by watching Rageh Omar tonight. Beautiful journalism and I feel as if I have 1. had my mind opened and 2. something has changed in me and in how I view the world. Astounding. For those of you who missed it, it is here http://tinyurl.com/5yh59v

  3. The movie was the best documentary about Iran!!

  4. Great to see a different and real perspective of Iran and its people, that differs greatly from what is shown usually in the Western Media. Great journalism by Rageh Omar.

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