A Recipe for the War on Iran

I think, despite all claims by the U.S. administration, an attack on Iran is, unfortunately, conceivable in the near future. Mr. Larijani’s presence and his mild tone at the Munich Conference as well as President Ahmadinejad’s milder tone all point to, as I have claimed, an effort by Iranians to prevent this attack. Yet, despite the Congress and the Senate becoming increasingly concerned about another futile and costly war, the war campaign is ongoing. And again unfortunately, it seems that the campaign is so well orchestrated that Americans are likely to buy it!
In fact, the neo-cons have learned how easy it is to fool Americans and get their support for an illegitimate war through media propaganda and using, abusing rather, the kind of blind patriotism that has plagued Americans since September 11.

Here’s a recipe for the kind of stuff you can feed to Americans through media:

On the evening news, the newscast start talking about Iran…

They show a short episode from the 1979 revolution and Hostage Crisis (always a memory that provokes anger and hatred in an American mind).

Then they show Ahmadinejad (an ugly and potentially terrifying face), while the newscast would repeat the same old quotes– i.e. “Israel should be wiped off the map” (this is a mistranslation, by the way, but never mind!) and “the Holocaust is a myth.”

Then comes some footage from Iranian nuclear facilities with the news cast saying something like, “The United States and its allies believe Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons.”

Then they present their “evidence” of Iranian-made bombs and stuff they have allegedly found in Iraq and quote “a security official” (always anonymous, yet trusted) about these weapons being made in Iran and smuggled across the border.

Then they may have a testimonial by someone who thinks he has seen “some pretty good evidence” that Iran is supplying and training insurgents in Iraq. (Hey, if they gave me a couple hundred thousand dollars, I might do that!)

And then they show Robert Gates saying “we have no intention to attack Iran.” Yet they remind the audience that “all options remain on the table,” and that “Iran will be punished if it continues to arm militias” (which Iran will certainly do according to the warmongers, i.e. it will eventually be punished.)

Now, much of this sounds like deja vu, but expect to see it all over again for days and weeks to come on different channels, in slightly different forms.
They’ve pretty much got all the ingredients; all they have to do is cook it well and feed it to people.

How do you cook it and feed it to people? Well the Nazis had a principle for that:

The principle [is] that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

So Bush may sound ridiculous as of now, but wait a few more days to get exposed to the same big lie being repeated and repeated, and you’ll start believing it!

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