Racism is a Winning Card in Western Politics!

It’s a shame, it really is! That Australian Prime Minister has openly singled out and attacked a U.S. presidential candidate, for no other obvious reason than the fact that Obama is black. As it turns out, part of the reason John Howard is the Prime Minister in Australia is that he is a racist!
And he’s not alone! In France, Jean-Marie Le Pen took everyone by surprise when he went to the second round of presidential elections in 2002 as Jean Chirac’s adversary, not because he was politically strong, but only because the French loved his openly racist comments. Recently, the right-wing French presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose toughness on immigrants has got him this far, supported the re-publishing of Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures, thereby increasing his chances for winning through putting the biggest immigrant community in France under pressure.
A national poll conducted in Canada showed that in the Province of Quebec (where I live), with its huge immigrant population, 59% of the Quebecors ADMITTED they were racists. Obviously, in the upcoming provincial elections, those candidates who take courage to make clear racist comments are quite likely to have an advantage.
So racism IS still a powerful political tool in Western societies, and it seems that some politicians are ready to use it to their advantage.

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