Breaking Iran Stereotypes in Israel

So Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder), the first and most well-known Iranian blogger, has visited Israel for the second time. Hossein has tried, during his visits to Israel, to tell Israelis that much of the common views about Iran, its society and even its government are grossly distorted. He has had some success, actually! Here’s a TV program broadcast on an Hebrew TV channel about Hossein and his ideas and some articles written about him in mass media.
The amount of reception Hossein has enjoyed in Israel most likely indicates the artificial nature of hostilities between the two nations and their openness to a fresh start. After all, Iran and Israel are the only two states in the Middle East that have somewhat democratic governments and liberal and West-friendly societies. Their respective governments try very hard, and have so far succeeded, in spreading propaganda about the other. Yet, Iranians and Israelis understand that they have some common interests due to the fact that they are both detested by the Arab nations of the region, have strong cultural and historical ties and are open societies eager to change the status quo.
I think Hossein has initiated a very important thing and could succeed given enough support.

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