CBC Covers Iran

CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Centre) is probably one of the very few major media networks in the West that makes a serious attempt not be the government’s propaganda machine (even though it is a public network). Fortunately, they have an interest in Iran and have done a great job portraying Iran from a very fair perspective.
Here’s some videos that have been broadcast on CBC about Iran recently:

1. Bahman’s Journey: Bahman, who has been detained for political activities(?) in Iran and fled to Canada five years ago goes back to Iran and shows us the inner structure of the Iranian society and the liberal attitudes of its people, as well as the ever-expanding social freedoms. Interestingly, his footage is from Isfahan, rather than Tehran, which is known as a conservative city with a religious and traditional population.

2. Interview with Christiane Amanpour: Christiane Amanpour, the chief International Correspondent for CNN, talks about her views on Iran, Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Middle East and her frustration with what the media have turned into.

3. Interview with Hossein Derakhshan: Hoder, the Iranian blogger talks to George Stroumboulopoulos about why Iran needs nuclear weapons and why the interests of the Islamic Republic has never been so similar to those of Iran as a historical civilization.

This is great journalism!

For those of you in Canada, there’ll be a program about gays in Iran on CBC tomorrow, Sunday, at 12 AM (ET) which must be interesting. I will post a link to this story once it’s available online.

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