Download BBC’s Masterpiece: Rageh Inside Iran

Just an hour after I declared my love for CBC, BBC came back to claim its title as the fairest and most powerful media giant in the West. How?
Well, I managed to download Rageh Inside Iran. This show is AMAAAAAZING! It is ultra high quality journalism: no longer an effort to by a young journalist to become famous at the expense of tarnishing a nation’s image, i.e. the full-of-shit types like Jane Kokan (“Oh my God, I’m so courageous to be reporting inside Iran…blah, blah, blah).
Rageh Omaar is a different person. He is courageous, he is smart, but he makes no effort to prove that to you. What he tries to prove is that Iran is completely misunderstood in the West, and that once you get to know the Iranian society you feel compelled to say things like,

Axis of evil?! It seems Iranians are normal people like us.


yea, they do identify more with europe than the arab world, some of the film of stuff like shopping malls and the subway just looks like any other major european capital city, with it’s own distinct character of course…It’s a real shame that such negative perceptions have been fostered in the UK and the US about Iran.

(Source: Aberdeen-Music forums)

Rageh finishes his documentary by saying,

When they [the Iranians] invited me to their homes, they described their society as a labyrinth– as an enigma within a puzzle. And it is a society difficult for foreigners to penetrate. I may have only scratched the surface, but I’ve glimpsed some of the problems that they face…But Iranians have a deep love of their country, and they believe that if there is to be change here, it’ll be done by them, and THEM ALONE.

If you want, just for once, understand something about Iran, and the REAL Iran, you HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS. It’s actually very entertaining, too.

And now you can download the entire show here (it’s a torrent file). Please have a look!

UPDATE: And here’s people’s response to the program. Rarely have I seen so much positive feedback for a TV show. Watch the movie judge for yourself.

UPDATE 2: The music playing during the movie is a mix of Persian classical (aka tradiotional), Persian rock and Persian pop by Shajarian (classical), O-hum (rock), Kiosk (blues) and Benyamin (pop), and it’s ALL available on iTunes!

UPDATE 3: Watch the movie on Google Video.

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10 responses to “Download BBC’s Masterpiece: Rageh Inside Iran

  1. Hi

    May you upload it on a http server or on public file sharing system (rapidshare,filefactore, sendspace,….)?

  2. Did you try looking at the Google video whose link I’ve posted recently under “Rageh Inside Iran on Google Video.” If that doesn’t work for you either, I’ll try to put it up on the web somewhere, but I’m not sure if that’s legal.
    Anyways, let me know and I’ll figure somethng out.

  3. I’ve just checked that. Thanks a lot for putting it on GoogleVideo.

  4. Agha, replace the bittorrent link with the new Google video.

  5. i’ll definitely take a look at the show..however i used to feel as you do about the BBC, although no longer. Occasionally perhaps for Hardtalk, or some other particular show,
    however to be honest, the main source i find for truly insightful discussion and analysis, is the newly launched al jazeera network. Honestly at the beginning i used to think this’ll just be some pro arab, non-objective thing, but it has truly and pleasantly surprsied me. Most of the shows, news, redaction is done by people from all over the place, white, indian, arab, etc.
    If you get a chance , i would really recommend it.

  6. I really need to know what music is played at the very start of the program…can anyone tell me? I’m dying to know…it’s very powerful. Thanks.

  7. Maryam,

    It’s a song by O-Hum in their new album. You can listen to the demo and download the album on iTunes.

  8. which song??

  9. I checked, it’s called “Hame Tazvir Mikonand”. I recommend that you buy it for 1 buck on iTunes to support these kids, rather than trying to find an illegal copy.

  10. I cant download this video, it says the file is invalid, can some1 plzzzz help me, i’ve been trying to download this for ages but i never succeeded….help help help..pleaseeeee

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