Rezai’s Interview: The Iranian Leadership’s Stance on the Campaign for War on Iran

Thanks to Hoder, I had a chance to listen to Mr. Rezai’s interview about the possibility of war against Iran.
Rezai has been one of the most prominent military generals in the Iran-Iraq war, is a very close associate of the supreme leader, and is currently the Secretary of State Expediency Council (whose task is to reconcile the parliament’s views with those of the Supreme Leader).
In the interview, which is in Persian and was recently broadcast inside Iran on public TV, he points out the following:

1. The United States WILL attack Iran.

2. The magnitude of such an attack CANNOT be limited to nuclear plants, since such limited operations can never destroy Iran’s nuclear program and its willingness to go forward with it, and the Americans are aware of that.

3. The plan to attack Iran started in in late summer-early fall of 2006, with 3 phases that are being played out:

(a) The United States attempts to abolish Hezbollah’s power and influence in Lebanon (which failed).

(b) The United States attempts to diminish Iran’s influence in Iraq by increasing its military operations on the Syrian border, the Iranian border, in and around Baghdad. As a part of this operation, the U.S. will try to give more power to the Sunni population in Iraq, thereby weakening the pro-Iranian Shiites and Kurds and pleasing their Arab allies in the region (happening right now).

(c) The United States will DIRECTLY get engaged in a military operation against Iran.

4. He called Bush’s plans deal with Iran unrealistic and his objectives ‘illusory’.

5. He said that if a “sane” person were to make decisions about the Iran issue as the president of the United States he/she would consider direct negotiations with Iran (implying Iran is completely ready to enter direct negotiations with the U.S.)

Listening to his interview, and knowing how close his views are to those of the Supreme Leader, I can say he is well aware of the situation; and his insistence that Iran WILL be attacked in the near future should be taken seriously. (NOTE: The interviewer repeated the question several times, and Rezai repeated– without hesitation– that Iran is going to be attacked directly by U.S. forces).

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