SCO: An Anti-West Alliance in the Making

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a new coalition between central Asian states including Russia and China, and has recently accepted Iran, India and Pakistan as observer states (except for India, all observer states have applied to permanent membership).
This organization has now the potential to form a strong force in the East to counter NATO, as it can be completely self-sufficient with energy giants like Russia and Iran and energy buyers like China and India. The member states also share the conviction that the West has an ugly habit of interfering in their internal affairs. So even though it’s still very young, SCO may eventually emerge as a mighty anti-West alliance.
This review shows that Americans are already nervous about SCO’s potential. Indeed, I read in BBC Persian that Gen. Safavi, the Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, has recently spoken about the rise an alliance consisting of Iran, China, Russia and India, and has emphasized Iran’s role as a superpower in the Middle East and the West’s will to constrain it.

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One response to “SCO: An Anti-West Alliance in the Making

  1. This alliance is a fair idea on paper, but don’t count on the Indians. They were, and still are lapdogs of the white man. 2 centuries ago they were licking the boots of the British, and now they’ve moved onto licking America’s boots. The deep seated inferiority complex lodged so deeply within the Indian’s psyche will always ensure his unwavering loyalty to his white master, and the west realises and exploits this. The Indian lackey cannot see that it is the CIA that funds, and has always funded Pakistan’s ISI as a means to maintaining an imperial presence in Asia.

    Last but certainly not least, India and Israel share one salient attitude in common: they both despise their large respective muslim populations. The difference here is that Israel discriminates and marginalizes its Arab citizens wheres the lesser civillized Indians orchestrate riots and pogroms to butcher them of.

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