Seymour Hersh’s Interview with CNN

He talks about his new article and Bush’s new plans for the Middle East. Check it out!

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10 responses to “Seymour Hersh’s Interview with CNN

  1. This is worth a read:

    This is the real goal for the future. The U.S. plans this for Iran also.

  2. I don’t know, but I think Sy Hersh takes what he’s told about contingency plans for an attack, special ops antics and Bush administration antipathy toward Iran and reaches one conclusion, when there could be another conclusion, i.e. the administration is just making plans for any possibility and at the same time trying to push Iran to make concessions on Iraq and its nuclear program.
    It doesn’t mean Bush is hell-bent on attacking Iran. Everybody says the administration bluster about Iran is just like the run-up to the Iraq war, but its not really. No one in the administration was saying “there’s plenty of time for diplomacy, etc. etc.” before the Iraq war – now they’re saying it over and over again about Iran. Maybe its just wishful thinking but I believe and hope Hersh is wrong.

  3. I’d like to hope too Hersh was wrong. BUT too often he just was right, even if the stagehands kept on denying and lying about. The whole Bush-Admin is a bunch of utterly obsessive maniacs who don’t want to loose their faces … as if not long time since they already had “gloriously” lost it! What the hell is this, hypocritical, mad and world endangering focus on Iran all about and basing on nothing but assertions and insinuations, while India, Pakistan and most of all Israel together with their effectively existent nuclear weapons is under full support and protection of these morons.

  4. Anna, what you said is really the big question here, and Hersh says it in the interview I’ve linked to above: With whose permission, with which authority has the Bush administration taken its unreasonable hostility towards Iran to the extent where it gives money and support to extremist Sunni Jihadists who killed thousands of Americans in within just a few minutes on Septemeber 11, on the American soil?
    What have Iranians done that makes them so evil? Which country have they attacked in the last 200 years? How many Americans have they killed (the answer is ZERO), when have they declared war agianst Israel or any of their hostile neighbors or even threatened to do so? How many Iranian terrorists have been known so far (again, the answer is ZERO)?
    And now the Bush Admin is helping Saudis give money and support to the likes of Al Qaeda?
    It’s a strange world!

  5. Nima, do you now the very real question is: how come WE know this all, as well does a worldwide majority (!) of normal, openeyed people who aproximately very well know what for we own something called brain and being even able to use it, to see all these facts lying quite openly on hands, to anticipate, see and recognize consequencies. While a bunch of politicians are just playing poker with the lives of all the countless innocents. Every private person acting this way, sooner or later would be brought into a psychiatric clinic.

    What’s wrong, that these morons can’t be stopped? Ok, with Ahmadinejad “the world” and “thanks heaven” has found a new bad-guy. BUT come on! hegot also shaped as a such one!!!
    I HAVE read all his letters he has written, to Bush, to the german cancellor Angela Merkel, to the american people . They didn’t read it. Though he isn’t just telling bull…. as for example the criminal Bush-Admin does.

    And I fully agree with Raghee Omaar: There has to be a change, BUT it has to come from inside Iran and its people, Not from outside and in the form of realizing foreign ambititions and interests.

    If I wasn’t an atheist, I would pray for us all. Somehow I do it nevertheless … or say it with Hossein Derakhshan: “Fortunately I am / we are not alone.” Let’s hope for a little wonder – in this world gone mad by the will of some insane protagonists – finally-finally and just once for us the people.

    I appreciate your blog very much, you are doing a good and important work! (Not like others who just spread the negative images about Iran, as if the west wasn’t anyway fed up with.)

    Take care, Nima, and wishing you everthing best!

  6. Diplomacy Mafia Style

    A very comprehensive Interview with Noam Chomsky … and explaining a lot of contextual “things” pretty well.

  7. Thanks a lot, Anna. That’s very interesting. I love Chomsky!

  8. You’re welcome, Nima! By the way: Just a few minutes ago I posted and commented it in Hossein D.’s blog … but of course it will appear only tomorrow I guess.

    Do you know that in 2001-2003 Iran has reached his hand then for quite accommodating and fair negotiations with the US about the nuclear issue? The US in their arrogancy messed it all up … seems they simply don’t know such thing as “eye-level”. (I’ve read about at that time (!) directly from Tim Guldimann, who then was swiss ambassador in Tehran.)

    (btw. my real name is Jeanna)

  9. Jeana,
    I did know about that, the proposal was published in Newsweek.
    Actually somebody asked about it from Larijani in Munich, and he said he didn’t know about it!
    Given that the message was sent by Khatami’s government and that Larijani (a conservative) said he didn’t know about it, I think this was a risky attempt by Khatami to extend his olive branches towards the U.S. without the conservatives knowing about it, hoping that America would respond and support Khatami’s decision to break the taboo and talk to Americans. But of course, Bush Admin paid no attention, as it didn’t when Iran clearly and significantly helped U.S. troops defeat the Taliban by closing its border etc.
    Iran is still ready for negotiations, but the U.S. is practically refusing by saying it should stop enricing uranium beforehand. As Hoder has said, that’s the most stupid and childish thing to ask, they’re basically asking Iran to give up its winning card and beg Americans to negotiate with them over some stupid goodies.
    As Ron Paul, a rep. congressman from texas said, what makes them think Iran doesn’t understand? (Maybe it’s the whole white-male superiority complex thing?)

  10. However Nima, the situation now is how it is: A lot worse. And why this is so, everybody knows who wants to know it. And who doesn’t know yet, gets explained it from all the “Chomskys” (plural!). But seems, that “some” people better like to create their own realities … and be it against every spark of commonsense and sense of responsibility.

    I wish us all the hope and luck we need in these mad times.

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