Do NOT Misunderstand Me!

What I’m trying to do in this blog when it comes to the issue of Iran and politics, is to point to some excesses in Western media in drawing an uncompromising and dark picture of the Iranian society and politics.

I do have my own criticisms of the Islamic Republic, and I have talked about it before. I believe that its establishment was a mistake, but now there are ways to fix it, but that requires time, patience and a positive attitude and not plain blind hostility by the West.

I am NOT affiliated with the IRI. I was young when I left that country and have no plans to go back. I’m aware of how IRI has made life difficult for ordinary Iranians. I’m aware of all the excesses in applying Islamic law to every aspect of people’s lives.

But people, things HAVE BEEN getting better and if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to make a trip to Iran and see it for yourself, or at least watch something like this, before drawing conclusions.

Awaken that skeptic in you and always take things that media and politicians offer you with a grain of salt.

And remember, your opinions DO matter. If you don’t give your governments the green light to destroy some other people’s lives– that are just as human as you are– they will never dare do it. So you have a RESPONSIBILITY to try to understand what the real stories are, before endorsing what has been given to you by people whose credibility has been proven to be questionable.

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