Freedom of Expression?

So the Time Blog has been deliberately censoring my comments. For instance, I posted a comment here, saying that contrary to what GW Bush has said, Iranian students visiting the U.S. with valid Visas were detained and deported in the Airport last year.
They have not published my comment, and it’s the second consecutive time they do it.

I don’t know what to expect from Bush, when Scott MacLeod– who tries to sound like a liberal and criticized Bush’s foreign policy– doesn’t think people have a right to express their opinions.

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One response to “Freedom of Expression?

  1. Ya, Nima! That’s just another example about what some people do understand and accept under the wonderful title “Freedom of expression”:
    ‘Feel free to say whatever you want, as long as its not clashing with the “truth” we are obliged to tell the world.” ‘Actually’ the more so if it’s about iranian issues. Maybe for them you were just the “wrong” iranian to tell them something about. (Sarcasm off!)

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