Francois Bayrou: French Foreign Policy at its Best

I just watched a video by the centrist French presidential candidate, Francois Bayrou, who has been quite a surprise in French politics catching up rapidly and posing mighty competition against Nicolas Sarkozy (right-wing) and Segolene Royal (Socialist).

In this official video, he clarifies his stance on foreign policy, saying he supported Chirac’s decision not to go to war with Iraq, despite his party’s strong ties with the U.S., and states his position on Iran and its nuclear program.

After denouncing Ahmadinejad’s statements about Israel, he says,

We must be thinking about ways to clear the map of nuclear weapons. I understand that this is a gradual process, I understand that this may involve an effort, an abnegation by the countries whose names I mentioned [France, UK, US, Russia, China], but it is necessary, because otherwise we will be facing a question that everyone will be asking, “why you, and not us? Why you, France, and not us, Iran? We are as big a country as you, we have the scientific capacities like yours, we are more numerous than you, why would you have the international rights that we wouldn’t have.” And this is a dangerous question! So it is important for the Universe’s equilibrium that we consider two priorities: First, respecting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, hence inhibition of moves toward nuclear militarization and assistance for moves toward civilian nuclear programs, and at the same time, a strategy by the great nuclear powers to move towards a reduction in nuclear risks for the planet.

If you’re French and you’re voting, this is the guy you wanna vote for!

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One response to “Francois Bayrou: French Foreign Policy at its Best

  1. for us it’s been a huge surprise. He’s been around for years, but never quite breaking the echellon he’s reached now. he’s drawing from both the left and the right, and in fact has been critiqued by many as been too left for a centrist party.
    The thing is that he’s not the extreme conservative that sarko is and he’s not as vague and inexperienced as Royal, who certainly is not helped by the ever present egotism among the socialists. I even read a while ago that Jospin is goign to vote bayrou.
    But, the thing everyone here is veyr wary of are poll figures. Le Pen will always get more votes than the polls indicate, becasue people are ashamed to say they vote for le pen by many will. But bayrou remains a bit of a mystry. not everyone is sure that come votign time, all that poll popularity will translate into votes.
    one thign is sure though, if he makes it to the second round, whether against segolene or sarko, he will most likely win.

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