Spartans were Fascists, 300 is a LIE!

That indeed is the case. 300 is based on Frank Miller’s over-dramatized, overtly-biased comic book, which is itself based on Herodotus’ (aka. The Father of Lies) overtly-biased account of the Battle of Thermopyle, in which the Persian destroyed the tiny Spartan army of 300 madmen on the Greek land.

Spartans are depicted as free men in the movie, whose courage and strength is meant to incite admiration amongst the crowd. It turns out, as modern historians acknowledge, Spartans were nothing less of a Fascist state in the ancient world who hated and fought the “democratic” Athenians constantly (except that one time they fought and lost to Persians). Every Spartan soldier had 7 slaves in the battle of Thermopyle, and Spartans were known throughout history for taking their neighbors as slaves.

This article by the American historian Alex Beam sheds some light on how misleading the movie has been in showing what really happened. Speaking of Spartans, he states,

In his book “The Peloponnesian War,” Yale’s Donald Kagan edges close to describing Sparta as a fascist place, “subordinating individual and family to the needs of the state.” In a similar vein, Thermopylae is often hailed by military dead-enders as an evocative triumph of the few over the many. Even if Xerxes’s army didn’t number 2 million, as contemporaries believed, it did number 400,000, which put the Spartans at well over 1,000-1 underdogs.
But, as the classicist Victor Davis Hanson points out, the Spartans didn’t win. Hanson calls Thermopylae “perhaps the greatest loss in the history of Panhellenic operations, and one of the few times in history that an Asian army would defeat a Western force inside Europe.”

Persians are being assaulted on every front!

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20 responses to “Spartans were Fascists, 300 is a LIE!

  1. Fascists indeed. The movie was crap.

  2. Maybe, but it is just a movie.

  3. Yes this is true but I don’t think 300 is really an attack against Persians. It’s more a story about a heroic last stand like the Alamo. Many of the Texans (Jim Bowie) at the Alamo had slaves also. And many of the Alamo’s defenders are also thought as hero’s today even though they were defeated

  4. 300 doesnt make any sense.300 spartens against i dont now how many persians could defeat them.with all the stuff the persians did it is unbelievable.

  5. HistoryNavigator117

    Thats not correct, the Spartans didn’t just get beat by the persians, they knew they were going to get slaughtered. Leonidas only took 300, well more like 700 in actuality, plus around 10,000 hoplites. The Spartans did this in an attempt to unite Greece in an attempt to repel the Persians ultimately which they did later on.

    Herodotus’ (aka. The Father of Lies)??? Really? Thats ignorant, you should read some history books. The battle of thermopile wasn’t just documented by him their Einstein.

    It’s in approximately 38 renowned sources of accurate historical documentation including a book you might have heard of, “the Bible.” It doesn’t give exact details but it is mentioned. The bible is our best source of history since it was written during and immediately after events in history.

    Herodotus, wrote about this these events hundreds of years after they occurred, so one of education can assume the accuracy of this information to be misleading. However, unless the information has viable sources and be backed up. Which in this case it is. I muse at your lack of historical knowledge, but that is expected from fanatical islam, they tend to believe just about everything they’re told, especially from a man who married 9 year old girls as a 40 year old man.

    You show me any time in history where that was appropriate and I’ll show you a fucked up society that probably exists to this day. Blowing up children, killing people and screaming “God is Great,” hmmm. For a religion that claims all life is sacred. I’m not sure God would approve of that. But who knows I’m not God, I’m sure mohammed and hilter are great friends which ever part of Hell they’re in.

    Nice attempt persian, your an idiot. Say what you want, but nobody made a movie about the persian victors, even in defeat, we/history remembers the ones that really mattered.

    • You are overly biased. You cant claim whatever you want and expect everyone to believe you. Your insult on Islam is just a bunch of lies. Please provide some proof and evidence. Children die in war the Muslims didn’t declare a Jihad on children and there are no wars where children die. You haven’t seen the videos where children are covered in blood after drone strikes blow them to pieces. In fact you guys actually have supporters of the killing of these children. You got people saying “they probably would have grown up to become ‘terrorists’ anyways. That is unheard of sick and heart trembling scum. No good human being would say that and a Muslim jihadist, despite how evil they are portrayed, don’t even say that. You got sick humans in your western civilization and when their primitive side is triggered we don’t know what to expect from you Godless dogs. Jesus is ashamed of you and your friends

    • what the ......?????

      Look who’s talking about history.hahahaaaaa…
      Do you ever know where is Iran???
      Oh please go read some geographic books first then talk about Iran and its history .You don’t know anything about Iran and claim that we blow up children or killing people???? Are you trying to show yourself as a dumb person or what???
      Are you serious that you know Mohamad????
      Let me tell you that we don’t blow anybody or doing that shitty things that you claimed about it so go and study about our culture instead of saying everything that you heard about us just like an idiot.
      and about bible you can read about cyrus the great in bible that you believe is the best source of history and see who the persians were.

  6. What a load of bollocks from that last guy!

    If you want to be taken seriously, learn to spell, and read!
    Herodotus wrote about events only a generation before him.
    The bible gospels were supposed to have been written between 70-100 AD. What does the bible have to do with this subject anyway!!!Have you even read it? I have, I’m a catholic who agrees with some of the persian hosts pov, but there’s far too much prejudice and ignorance around. Read your history! Read the newspapers! Form your own opinions!

    My opinion is that yes, the persians are misrepresented. Their image is distorted in yet another american film that attempts to re-write history (see U571). Yes the spartans had slaves. Yes the spartans fought alongside others and were not alone; 300? more like 7,300.

    I had to add to this thread as the last message really pissed me off!

  7. a iranian Zeal man

    its a false movie. iranian Lexicon and ulture Far rich

  8. 300 is fake

  9. The Link Below Will Show You Our Grate Culture And Nation

  10. movie 300 IS A BIG LIE.end of the story.
    i cannot beleive people who think this things really happened.
    I am a persian and i am proud of it.

  11. Salam aziz,

    Bebin ghabl az inke asabe khodeto khord koni ba vatanparasti ye negai be ye chanta haghighatayi ke marbut be ham film 300 o tarikhcheye jange yunano iran bede.

    Avalan 300 ta nabod, 7,000 ta bod. 300 spartan, ye 1000 dige thespian va 5400 ta athenian. herodotus tanhayiam inra nagoft. pausanias, diodorus va ye meghdar digeham inaro report kardan.

    Dovoman, in filme 300 kare ye marde “biased” va kheyli right-wing bod. Na tanha ba Irania va Arabia mokhalefe, ba siahah va Chiniha va harki ke sefide Amrikayi hastham ye jor nefrin dare. In ye haghighate, ke aghaye Frank Miller racist hast (migam racist chon loghate “nejadparast” be nazaram bishtar “pride” va parasti dare ta nefrat be guruhaye dige). Ketab comicesham digeh haminist ke hast, ketabi hast ke nevisandash ham ahmagh bod, ham racist bod. Haminist ke hast. Agar adamhayi hastan to in donya ke bad az in film nazarashon dar morde Iraniha avaz shodan, khodeshonam biaghlan. In mohem hast-> onchiz hayi ke dar Iran, hamin alan dar etefagh hastan nazar haye donya ra daran avaz mikonan, ya be khob, ya be bad. Masaelhaye siasi, hoghughe bashar va zan, va democracy- ina nazare mardomro avaz mikonan, na ye filmi ke bad az 10 sal faramosh khad she.

    Manam tahsilatamo gereftam, khobam az tarikhcheye yunan va iran midonam. Impiratoriye Iran chize khob ya nik nabod. Baraye ghodrat donya ra hamle kardand. Solh o salamti ro (peace) faghat be onhayi midadan ke surrender mikardano zano bacheo gavo talashono midadan be Pars. Ba satrapi ham as har eyalat tax migereftan, va sarbazhaye khodeshonam estefade nemikardan joz javidan o ye chanta regimant, sarbazhashan aksaran az eyalatha va keshvarhaye dige miyavordan. Ta akhar haye farse khashayar shah vazeshon aslan khob nabod.

    Spartanha rast migi, tamame ejtema Sparta dore jang micharkhid. Mesle Nazi ha bodan; ham autocratic bodan, ham kheili sonati bodan, ham ta levele vahshatnak racist bodan, slavery ham dashtan, ham as lahaze farhang chizi nadashtan. Vali ejtemaheshon va falsafashon migoft: honor, duty, community cause, sacrifice, defend to death. Va chon Yunan shod markaze falsafeyi donyaye gharbi, in value-haye Spartan transmit shodan be value haye “heroic” story va schema haye gharbiha. Va az in nazar man fekr mikonam ke tanhayin legitimate criticismi ke ma Iraniha mitonim bokonim ine ke Frank Miller racist hast, va filme 300 kare raciste khodeshe.

    – Yunani ha vaghan bordan on jango.
    – Hich gone vatanparasti nemitone haghighati ke Impiratoriye Iran dar on zaman jaye “bessiar ali” (ke kheili az in vatan parasta khial mikonan) nabod.
    – 1,000 ta film barabare be 1 gone human right violation (yadet bashe in sababe abero riziye Iraniha mishe jeloye hame) va dar morde film negaran nabash. racist va xenophobe hameshe hast va hamishe ham bod. Bayad negah konim, in farhange Irane emroz chiye? In Iranihaye javun che farhangi daran? Che chizi az in farhange azize Irani monde emrooz? Bayad be mozuhaye mohem

    • bebin ! chizi ke shoma migi dorost! vali vaghan in film ye seri cherto pert tahvile mardome jahan dade. manam mokhalefam ba racism. man shakhsan be solhe jahani ya hamun (universal unity) mootaghedam.!! behtare un nevisandeye bisavad bere dota ketab tarikhi mootabar bekhoone o tarjome kone baad biyat inhame pool khar she o film besaaze :||| 😐 😐 😐

  12. good movie but I feel for you in the misrepresentation

  13. This aticle is ignorant. Duncan your on crack. Your correct historynavigator117.

  14. The Spartans were the worst of the Greeks.
    The Athenians (whom the movies called weak nancies) were the democrats, and they were still pretty awful people.
    The Persians at this time were Zoroastrians, and were a wonderful people. The Hebrew bible speaks very highly of the Persians, and Persian sources mention that the Jews fought on the Persian side (indeed the Persians were great philosemites until they fell to Islam)
    The word Messiah appears only once in the whole Hebrew Bible, and that is describing Cyrus the Great (who allowed the Jews to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem)
    The Cyrus cylinder also bans slavery. Compare this unfavourably with the Greek system of having slaves do all the work.
    It’s actually a bit of a dilemma from a Western perspective: the absolute power of the Persian king enabled him to ban slavery, where as the democrat Greeks would not have been able to do that.
    Btw Herodotus was considered the father of lies by Plutarch, because Plutarch considered Herodotus far too sympathetic to the Persians. Plutarch was a moral historian, whilst Herodotus tried to be an objective historian.

    • Actually they were great and educated people under Islam. You can see much of their achievements in Baghdad. Go do some research before making a biased statement.

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  16. beofore those retard arabs attack to our country we had a powerful country in the area. this movie makes me very angry!!! its a big insulting to us ! .a big lie !! the thruth is in reality someone with name iskandar in europe bring an big army to iran and capture it!!! in that time general of iranian’s army “sorena” defended against them too hard. but he didn’t make it. now what the hell is this damn’ movie talkin’ about ?!???!!!

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