Can the truth about 300 be revealed?

This article provides some insights about what really happened in the Battle of Thermopylae, and how Hollywood has distorted the image of Persians, and suggests Persian-Americans focus their efforts to counter 300’s lies by making perhaps a movie of much greater historical and artistic worth.

As to why Persia attacked Greece, Cyrus Kar says,

The Greeks had been carrying out terrorist attacks on Persian holdings for years. They had attacked Persian cities, set fire to Persian temples, disrupted key trade routes, and pirated merchant ships crossing the Bosphorus. They incited rebellions inside Persian provinces, but perhaps most abhorrent to the Persians was the ease by which the Greeks broke their treaties and betrayed Persia’s trust.

Rather than resort to violence, however, Persia tried to keep the Greeks in check by financially supporting Greek politicians who were “pro-Persian,” much the same way America fights its proxy wars. But what finally triggered Persia’s wrath was an act rarely mentioned in the West, though well documented, even by Herodotus (7:11).

Persia’s 9/11:

In 498 BCE, Athens carried out a terrorist attack on Sardis, a major Persian city, which made 9/11 seem like child’s play. Aristagoras, an Athenian, set fire to the “outlying parts” of Sardis trapping most of its population “in a ring of fire.” (Herodotus 5:101)

More innocent civilians died at the hands of Aristagoras than Osama bin Laden could ever hope to kill. And just as most of the world supported America’s retaliation against Al Qaeda, so did it rally in support of Persia’s attack on Athens.

The Spartans were not even targets of Persia’s attack, until they violated a universal protocol by killing a Persian messenger who Herodotus claims was asking for Sparta’s submission but in reality was probably sent by Persia’s king, Xerxes to convey the same message George Bush sent to the entire world after 9/11: “you’re either with us, or against us.”

The Spartans were Greek Jihadists who lived only to die. They were by all accounts ruthless savages who murdered Greek slaves known as “Helots” just for sport, cultivated a culture of thievery and rape, and practiced infanticide, as the movie ‘300’ rightly points out in its opening scenes. Sparta was not even democratic. It was an oligarchy at best. Despite knowing all this, the West continues to hail the Spartans as the saviors of Western democracy.

Yes, the Spartans died fighting a foreign invader. But so do countless Iraqi insurgents, yet few of us would consider them good guys. Those who do are then not much different from Westerners who cheer for the Spartans. Rooting for the Spartans merely because they were underdogs, is like rooting for Osama bin Laden today.

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19 responses to “Can the truth about 300 be revealed?

  1. Gosh, carry a grudge long? It is history. Greeks did some horrible things to others–so did Persians, Romans, Egyptians, and every other nation that every had an ego and an army. All of them also did many wonderful things to advance society when it came to wisdom, science and medicine. Get over it all ready! Greeks brought philosophy and logical thinking. Persians, which is modern day Iran and Iraq, was the seat of civilization. There is good and bad in all. The trick is to appreciate the good and learn from the bad so it won’t happen again.

  2. Theresa, all that you said is right.

    But the movie doesn’t agree with your point. It shows Persians as an uncivilized bararian and evil force that was set to destory human freedoms, kill and enslave every Greek, etc.

    Spartans on the other hand are the prime example of moral standards and physical beauty.

    Watch the movie and think about how you’d feel if you were Persian and knew that almost everything that you saw was a lie and was supposed to serve somebody’s political agenda.

  3. It’ just a movie. It is a fictional and dramatised account of a story to sell tickets (what the hell is wrong with you???)

  4. There was no reason to make references to real historical figures and events.

    Yes, it’s just fiction, but they could use fictional names and places, if nothing beyond fiction was meant to be conveyed.

    I feel insulted. Persian culture and historical heritage was portrayed as evil and inhumane in this movie, and NOTHING in human history as we know it suggests that they were even distatnly like what was made of them in the movie.

  5. Yet another person who looks for a reason to whine rather than advance themselves or others. The fact is atrocities were common place then, just as they are now. We just gloss it over with three minute sound bites and on to the next media blitz about some bimbo or sports figure.

  6. my goodness its a movie get a life and find somthing else to whine about .It’s pure entertainment ya know like big time wrestling.It’s like saying i’m upset for dog’s as how cujo was made to be the bad dog in the movie .

  7. The movie 300 is true to life. The pershians were and are scum of the earth. The sooner they are removed the better. This movie is only a sign of things to come

  8. If you notice, the movie was based on a graphic novel by the guy who made SIN CITY. basically it was a comic book. and thermopolae has always been a reference to tactics and bravery in military strategy. it always will be. because of the movie i actually did do some research in to the persian army and the immortals and found it very interesting. as far as them portraying the names and the location, well sorry man, this is america and we still have a free speach thing going on. as far as I know you can still be killed in modern day persia for speaking your mind if it doesn’t go with the flow of what the government, religious leaders, or society believe. where do you live now, in america or in persia? and if you live in america then why? if persia is so great why be here? I am not anti persian I just don’t understand those that leave their country and then defend it because somebody else doesn’t like it. point being, 300 was a movie written in a country where we have free speach. if you want to advance persian society then find a way to unite them so that different faction don’t kill each other over details of religious belief. if you go by the history books middle eastern societies have always done battle with each other and can’t unite. that is why they fell from grace as the largest collective society. until all of the different factions can work together and develop instead of kill they will continue to live in a 3rd world environment.

  9. I liked what Theresa said and some of it is very true. Some of the greatest wars and warrior nations brought great things to light and as time has shown all are capable of great attrosities against there own kind let alone others. But what all have seemd to forget is this history true history will never be properly and truthfully told unless people demand the truth and take nothing less. Some people will not want to here the truth of things and some never want to here or know the truth. One day hollywood will learn that truth is more powerfull then any hollywood fansicfied story.
    But i digress the greeks and persians had there problems and if you do some research you can find the truth behind the made up tails. Histroy is just that history it shows us mistakes and great triumphs and horrible tragedies, what people need to do now is not fight over the past but learn from it know the truth of it all and work to never have such things happen again.

    I feel for this world and its people with in it and all other creatures that call it home, if we fail to learn from our history and our faults then it is all for no and all that is is doomed. Everyone has forgotten that we are all from one who come from many ( now don’t think i mean we are all from god or something like that i am not a religious freak i fallow no organized religion my religion is knowledge not blind faith and if for that i am damned then so be it).

    The persian’s and greeks war’d the egyptions and nubians war’d and now again the west and the east war, or had they ever actually stoped?.

    war brings noting good now , maybe a thousand or even a hundred years ago war had more meaningfullness to it when warriors where warriors true to that world now they are mindless soldiers no longer worthy to call themselves warriors. a true warriors path on life is not to kill all or to even be killed but to eventually lay down his sword never to have to pick it up again. If this world and its inhabitants are to last and flurish further then we ever could have imagined then we need to no longer war and bicker about petty things such as land and who has claim to it or such things as who is the true people chossen by what they call god, in all truth and honesty do you really really think any god like creature has chossen any race of man or women to be above any other , if you belive that about yourself then you will never understand what i say. THIS WORLD IS DIEING AND WE ARE HELPING SPEED IT ALONG.

    when the world war comes and it is coming don’t be so shocked, just be mindfull for this will not be a war fought on some distant shore or seen on CNN it will cover ever edge of the world as we know it. ( but there is still time to stop that from happening).

    P.S. what you are taught in schools and churches and places such as t his are not even close to the total truth of this worlds histroy. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU NEVER STOP ASKING AND NEVER STOP SEARCHING AND DEMANDING THE TRUTH , UNTIL IT IS GIVEN.


  10. Just a small side note , the truth about the reall300 should be told in its entirity and every other battle and war and all other historical information. I wish someone who has the power to make all this knowledge completely open for the public to see would stand up grow some balls and a spin and say we ” WE HAVE HIDDEN OUR OWN HISTORY FROM OURSELVES LONG ENOUGH ” and open all the history books and scrolls and especially any type of historical document that poloticians and church officals deam dangerous to the public. I think people now a days are smart enough to make up their own minds. I mean seriously does it seem like we are all that advanced in life we are still controled and monitored just more closely and still church officlas and poloticians decide what the people should and need to know and what not to tell them.

    If they trully wish a revolt then all they need do is keep the truth hidden from us all and soon enough they will have their world war.

    The really scary thing about it all is , that ancient knowldege might be able to help us in this dark time of man, but when its hidden surpressed and twisted like it is for hollywoods use it takes away our right to know the truth of it all.



  11. in modern times like these, i think that there is no good war. back in biblical history, there were good wars though. there was a designated “wrong” side and a designated “right” side. maybe the spartan-persian war was a good war or maybe it was like a modern war where both sides were wrong. there are always two sides to the picture, you just have to look.

    if the persians, in fact did enslave nations, no matter how good or bad they were, then i can see why the spartans fought not to be enslaved. i could even see how they would plan attacks on the persians, as you said, to stay free. not only that but in the past, several times, dictatorships have always seemed to be corrupt in one way or another. was xeres a dictator?

    if the movie was a lie then i’m sure someone will come out with the other side of the story in a few year. after the movie “pearl harbor” was made they later made the japanese movie version “tora tora tora”. although i don’t think that they had a very good side to that story. they just wanted to control the world based on their religious beliefs just like the germans.

    if it means anything to you mr. persianperpective. when i saw that movie the thought of modern persia being like that never crossed my mind. the movie was based on an event that happened a long time ago and most people think of it no more than just simple entertainment. when i watch “band of brothers” and other WWII movies i don’t think of modern Germany being that cruel.
    it’s all just POV’s

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  13. Of course, the author’s quote fails to mention that the terrorist attack on Persians in Sardis was simply an ongoing transfer of power in that city. Sardis may have been a major Persian city, but only after the Persians conquered the previous inhabitants.

  14. Hollywood is definitely not a history lesson, but unfortunately the youth of today believe everything they see and today’s kids wouldn’t even bother to research and study the real history to find out the true facts. Why should they when playing video games is more “fun”? Media controls the youth and the youth of today controls our future and history! The society that Orwell described in 1984 will actually arrive in a very near future. And that’s for sure.

    “He who controls the past, controls the future”.


    “I am Xerxes, Emperor of Persia, son of Darius, grandson of Cyrus the Great. My grandfather Cyrus prevented slavery and liberated the Jews from their Babylonian exile and let them return to Judea and rebuild their temple. I myself married Esther, a Jew. I come from a long line of believers in the One God preached by Zarathustra, our Persian prophet whose teachings have influenced the Jews during their exile among us. I refer specifically to their concepts of Satan, Heaven and the future Messiah which weren’t part of their pre-exile belief system and are clearly borrowings from our Persian religion.

    I am now embarking on the conquest of Greece, a backward region populated by primitive polytheists who worship capricious amoral deities and practice absurd religious rites. But my ancestors and I, having already conquered many Ionian Greeks, respect Greek philosophers and indeed have many of them in our employ. We have established a multi-ethnic empire. In that empire, Greeks fill important roles from the Mediterranean to India.

    >>These Spartans confronting us at Thermopylae are cruel men who annually kill for sport! And make war on the defenseless helots (slaves) that live around them. They have nothing to tell us Persians or the world in general about freedom!”

  15. Historical Accuracy

    Dear reader,

    Many of the comments above are flat out made by ignorant people. The truth is that history as stated by so many has two sides. Although the greeks did not want to fall to the persians for the obvious reasons, that does not mean that the greeks were good and persians were evil.

    There is no proof what so ever that the persians ever held any slave or slaved any nations. When they won battles, they did not force their enemy to take their way of life or religion. As a matter of fact the spartans were historically very cruel (Nazi-Like) people who murdered for fun. Ironically the persians were considered by the people of the lands they concqured as better than their own leaders.

    Peopls, Go read the truth. All this 300 crap is the propoganda told by Herodotus which was essentially a persian hater at the time. Ironically he chose to live in persia which provided a better and more free environment than greece did.

    Darius and the persians created the first bill of rights for the people of their land and the Persia of 480BC was a far more free place for individuals than the any false democratic nation that the greeks made later.

    All you fools who have never actually investigated and read history aside from the other side. All your doing is repeating someting someone else has said. Your effectively a tool. Go read a book and learn.

    This nation is free in theory however, if you have no personal liberty, than you cant quite call it free. This is exactly what was like in greece with their fake democracy. Meanwhile in persia people actually had a set of personal rights similar to the bill of rights.

    Go read about Jefferson and learn how he used persian personal ideals about liberty when he and the our remaining founding fathers created the bill of rights. By the way those right were created many years before the perso-greco wars.

    Igonorance is a disease that could only be cured by taking a strong medicine called “balanced education”.

    If America ever falls from grace it will be the doing of these ignorant people who have decided to never actually read a book and never question anything they hear.

  16. The pershians? wow great spelling. and no it wasn’t “true to life.”
    The “300” were killed in a matter of minutes, if anyone knows the real story, but since rather hear about spartans winning than persians, since you know all persians are terrorists they changed the story, but who cares…its just a stupid movie that people like cause of the action in it.

  17. There is this little saying that I would like to use: “History is written by the victors and contradicted by the losers.” What I mean by this phrase is that who are we really to believe? Just because some dude way back in the day said Greece was mercilessly invaded by Persia and some other dude says Persia was retaliating, how do we really know and/or who do we believe? All we know now is that “300” depicts an event in time that was used as a catalyst for the fall of the Persian invasion and the rise of Greek democracy.

    Now, as for the idea that the Greeks were “terrorists” assaulting Persian cities “first”, I see it was conveniently left out that prior to Xerxes’ invasion of Greece, his father Darius invaded Greece. So, am I to conclude that Darius was also only responding to Greek “terrorism”? Does your “evidence” cover that aspect of history also? If this series of questions hurts your brain because you cannot logically answer them, go back to my first paragraph and re-read it.

    There is no way of accurately knowing what really happened at that point in time. Until there is some divine intervention or a time machine, no one today will ever truly know what happened any further back than their own memories take them. Sod off limey.

  18. you know what **** it you stupid ******s are idiots i said it doesn’t matter so just leave it the **** alone

  19. Hey all,

    I for one would like to know what really happened at the battle of Thermopylae. I do not just believe anyone’s story in general in life, no matter what I’m told. I gather facts and logical information. I am a Christian and I do not hate any Middle-Eastern people. But in general; Hollywood distorts the facts and lie often, it is like they are truly afraid of the truth like darkness of light or they do not know the truth about many things in the first place.

    The wise and fair and righteous people of the Middle-East will already know this or they will come to this conclusion that: not all Westerners, Europeans etc’s views and motives are represented by those who do and say evil and wrong things. But I would like to know the truth; did the battle of Thermopylae really happen at all? or if it happened what is the true details? You see in general; Christians know that Greece attacked Persia due to the prophecies in the book of Daniel in the KJV of the Bible (if you speak English) then;

    In Daniel 11:2
    “And now will I show you the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.” -> (Greece).
    – So here it is mentioned that the aggression came from Persia first.

    Furthermore; do true Christians believe that war against the flesh is wrong, (that means people making war against each other is wrong). True Christians will not and did not condone the war between Persia and Greece whatsoever (although this happened thousands of years ago), neither would they want a repeat of such a war

    (By the way in the book of Daniel in the Bible prophecies are written of the actions of people who did wrong things too – that does not mean God wanted them to do wrong things, but it is clearly stated that people have the free will to choose to do right or wrong although God knows what they are going to choose – He still leaves them to make the choices for themselves).

    But as it is written in the Bible; “…and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia.” – this “4th king” of Persia therefore became lustful for war – as many rulers in history have, and they then simply want to try their hand against another nation or gain more fame and fortune. These rulers’ views obviously aren’t always supported by everyone. But whether this “4th king” the Bible speaks of was named Xerxes – personally I do not know, and whether Xerxes really existed in the 1st place, I personally do not know.

    So lastly I would like to just know what really happened at Thermopylae because: “The truth shall set you free”

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