What informed people would say about 300…

Interesting enough, the movie’s main attraction has been exaggeration, placing a fallacy of a million Persians against 300 Creeks while not placing what reality states that the battle was fought between 120,000 Persians against 300 spartans, a thousand Phocians, 1500 Thebans and other forces from Greek states. There werent that many men in the world at that time to constitute an army of a million, the Greeks in fact would be able to count till a million, the number in its most probability was a hyperbole.

The movie forgets to mention that the Spartans were pro slavery, they had heliots with them, who serve as slaves into the whims of the Spartan yoke.

Interesting enough, the movie seems to forget that the Persians were the first to instate human rights, the equality of men and women, during the battle of salamis, one of the generals of the navy was a woman and etc while the Greeks practice inequality, slavery and etc.

Comment by Jonathan Reyes

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