My Take on 300

This is my last post about this movie, and is a response to those who think 300 was a good movie because it made the Iranian government angry (Isn’t that logic just brilliant!):

I think you have missed the point of the opposition to the movie: It is not about the moral of the story. True, this is a story about Good vs. Evil, just like every other story written throughout history, so this movie makes no real contribution and has nothing new to talk about.

The problem is that you could tell this story in a zillion different ways, but the references are made to true historical persons and events. So they have taken a real story and turned it into fiction, at expense of distorting a nation’s image.

Xerxes, historians suggest, was not the evil that was depicted in the movie. The Achamenid Empire established for the first time in the history of human kind, a set of rules we now call ‘human rights.’ Cyrus the Great, the founder of the empire, released the Jews and issued a decree in Babylonia inhibiting slavery, repression and imposing of Persian culture and religion on nations that embraced the Persian rule.

Spartans, on the other hand, were known to be pro-slavery. They would take their Greek neighbours as slaves, what they called ‘helots’, and broke the universal code of ethics by murdering the Persian messenger in the movie.

Sparta was never a democracy. They spent decades fighting the Athenians. Sparta was more similar to a fascist state where individuals were subject to the state’s rule, and enjoyed little freedom.

The roles in this movie can well be reversed. It were Persians who stood for freedom and fought slavery. Spartans were just a bunch of underdogs who did not want to submit to Persian rule (this is understandable, Iraqi insurgents do this against US forces now).

Persian’s were not naked, dark-skinned, ugly, barbarian, sub-human, evil creatures that the movie shows.There are real images of Xexes and Persian soldiers from that time in Persepolis and you may have a look at them in my weblog.

This movie has distorted historical events, and it is no coincidence that you see a ‘good’ ‘Western’ force fighting an ‘evil’ Persian force.

It is not just the Iranian government that is angry about this movie. This movie has managed to make every Persian, even the extreme anti-Islamic, pro-Western Persians angry, because it has distorted our historical image, and questioned our common values: freedom, justice and equality of all human beings regardless of race, religion, geneder, etc. These are the things Persians stood for in the ancient world, and it was no coincidence that almost all nations of what was known of the world at that era welcomed them.

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6 responses to “My Take on 300

  1. unfortunately most of the events were distorted as said..
    As always a hollywood director has tried his best to distort the image of Asians(persians)..
    but if we can see the movie objectively it would have been nice, provided u r neither from persia nor from west

  2. what iran should do is make a movie that makes fun of spartans. That will teach them not to mess with persians.

  3. Hollywood is definitely not a history lesson, but unfortunately the youth of today believe everything they see and today’s kids wouldn’t even bother to research and study the real history to find out the true facts. Why should they when playing video games is more “fun”? Media controls the youth and the youth of today controls our future. The society that Orwell described in 1984 will actually arrive in a very near future. And that’s for sure.

    “He who controls the past, controls the future”.


    “I am Xerxes, Emperor of Persia, son of Darius, grandson of Cyrus the Great. My grandfather Cyrus prevented slavery and liberated the Jews from their Babylonian exile and let them return to Judea and rebuild their temple. I myself married Esther, a Jew. I come from a long line of believers in the One God preached by Zarathustra, our Persian prophet whose teachings have influenced the Jews during their exile among us. I refer specifically to their concepts of Satan, Heaven and the future Messiah which weren’t part of their pre-exile belief system and are clearly borrowings from our Persian religion.

    I am now embarking on the conquest of Greece, a backward region populated by primitive polytheists who worship capricious amoral deities and practice absurd religious rites. But my ancestors and I, having already conquered many Ionian Greeks, respect Greek philosophers and indeed have many of them in our employ. We have established a multi-ethnic empire. In that empire, Greeks fill important roles from the Mediterranean to India.

    >>These Spartans confronting us at Thermopylae are cruel men who annually kill for sport! And make war on the defenseless helots (slaves) that live around them. They have nothing to tell us Persians or the world in general about freedom!”

  4. To the misfortune of our future, most humans are ignorant enough to believe this comic based movie is actual history.

    I have to mention, this is part of the political agenda in the United States of America, where their majority are those whom believe.

    As advice, to those who allowed themselves to be bothered by this ignorance… understand that as long as you have peace within, the day will come when the only battle will be to spread such peace amongst each other.

    That’s when the victory overcomes race, religion, or country.


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