Happy No-Rooz!

No-Rooz literally means ‘new day’ and is the start of the Persian new year. Persians and other Iranians have celebrated No-Rooz for thousands of years as their most important and happiest event of the year.

No-Rooz is the day of the equinox, the beginning of the spring and the day that nature undergoes a revolution for the better.

Iranians pray on this day that their lives will change for the better in harmony with the nature.

Let’s hope the new year will be one in which people would overcome their ignorance and prejudices and move towards peace, prosperity and happiness.

Here’s my No-Rooz gift for you. 🙂

Happy No-Rooz!

PS. The New Year starts at 8:07:26 PM EST this year. For more about No-Rooz you may read this.

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One response to “Happy No-Rooz!

  1. Nima, Novrooz mobarak! …
    az del arezuye khubio khoshbakhti, aramesh wa salamati barayat daram …wa hamchenin baraye tamame iranian …


    Salam-ha-je samimane: Jeanna

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