Big News: Iran is full of ethnic minorities!

Alright, I’m sick of big shots like this one, learning with much surprise that Iran is full of ethnic minorities. Iran has always been like that. The embrace of different cultures, languages and religions within the unity of Iran goes back thousands of
years. Iran cannot be broken up on the basis of its ethnic and religious diversity.

Many different nationalities are increasingly resentful of Persian cultural imperialism

WRONG! There is no such thing as “Persian cultural imperialism.” Iran is not the kind of Imperial force some Western nations have been trying to be. Sure, Persian is the official language, and minorities are sometimes upset, but aren’t minorities upset all over the world, anyway? Isn’t the melting pot the U.S. is supposed to be forcing the majority Anglo-saxon culture and language on all the minorities it contains? Just because a country has ethnic minorities doesn’t mean it can’t have integrity. Iraq is really a special case: it was unnaturally put together by the Europeans in early 20th century.

As Hamid Dabashi argues in his new book, Iran: A People Interrupted, Iranians have historically undergone major religious and political changes, but have firmly protected their land. Efforts to break up the country are simply in vain, many have tried it before including the Ottomans, the Russians, the British and Saddam Hussein. Even though the British had a little bit of success after hundreds of years of meddling in Iran’s internal affairs, on the whole none of these efforts could disintegrate Iran. This is just another shot in the dark by the Right Wings in the West who have no clue about Middle Eastern history and geopolitics.

(Source: Eyeranian)

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One response to “Big News: Iran is full of ethnic minorities!

  1. A one more very intelligent post again, Nima! Especially in these troubled times an recent days too, where speculations and fantasies are all running wild.

    “””This is just another shot in the dark by the Right Wings in the West who have no clue about Middle Eastern history and geopolitics.”””

    Yess … no clue! If they had a clue, they wouldn’t mess around like they do just to make “the world a better place” according to their own halfblind imaginations and interests, wasting astronomic amounts into wars in order to “export democracy and enduring freedom”
    Instead of caring first about their own huge and even growing internal social problems (education, healthcare, etc.) not to speak about the ongoing undermining of their own democracy.

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