PBS Video on U.S. Delegation to Iran

I had previously pointed to the visit by a U.S. delegation of American religious leaders meeting with Iranian leaders, including President Ahmadinejad. PBS NOW has a video summarizing the visit.

I find the video somewhat boring, the lady who talks during the video about the trip is extremely monotonous (there are more fluent and eloquent dual-citizens in the U.S. to accompany Americans). The beginning of the report is very cliche and uninteresting, yet it becomes more interesting near the end when they meet Jalili, Khatami and Ahmadinejad.

The message, though, is very clear: there are lots of misunderstandings between the two nations, the American media gives a very exaggerated picture of Iran to the American public and the Iranian public is also under the influence of state propaganda. But, Iranians are willing to move forward and there is hope. “We must try,” as Khatami says in his strikingly clumsy English and with his signature smile.

(Source: Hoder)

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