Fake British Boundaries in the Persian Gulf

Craig Murray argues what the british are broadcasting as evidence that their sailors were in Iraqi waters when arrested is most likely false and fake, adding this will only worsen the situation:

A) The Iran/Iraq maritime boundary shown on the British government map does not exist. It has been drawn up by the British Government. Only Iraq and Iran can agree their bilateral boundary, and they never have done this in the Gulf, only inside the Shatt because there it is the land border too. This published boundary is a fake with no legal force.

B) Accepting the British coordinates for the position of both HMS Cornwall and the incident, both were closer to Iranian land than Iraqi land. Go on, print out the map and measure it. Which underlines the point that the British produced border is not a reliable one.

I personally hope Iranians will release these sailors ASAP, but must add that defending one’s territorial integrity is a must, particularly in case of Iran and the Persian Gulf and given the kind of things that have happened before.

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One response to “Fake British Boundaries in the Persian Gulf

  1. According to the CIA

    Disputes – international

    Iraq’s lack of a maritime boundary with Iran prompts jurisdiction disputes beyond the mouth of the Shatt al Arab in the Persian Gulf

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