Hans Blix suggests talks with Iran without pre-conditions

Hans Blix, the man who told the U.S. administration a zillion times that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, is saying America and Europe should talk to Iran without asking for Iran’s halting of uranium enrichment.

Do you believe that there is any real chance for a peaceful solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis?

I am an optimist, and so I think that a way out of the existing situation is possible, although there is a big risk that the US or Israel will decide to launch a missile strike against Iran. Militarization of the conflict will have catastrophic consequences, since Iran has announced its readiness to retaliate.

To what degree is pressure on Tehran, including from the UN Security Council, capable of leading to a resolution of the crisis?

Both economic and military pressure on Iran is counterproductive. Sending aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf and claiming that Tehran is meddling in the Iraqi conflict only serves to push Iran further away from negotiating.

What solution do you propose?

The Europeans and the rest of the members of the UN Security Council are saying that they are ready to sit at the negotiating table with Iran only under certain conditions. I would initiate a conversation with Iran using carrots instead of any kind of whip.

For example?

These suggestions are well-known: promise to roll back the economic embargo, bring in investment, and facilitate Iran’s entry into the WTO.

Please read the entire interview. This man always talks sense.

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