Please don’t mess up the sailors’ crisis more!

I am asking both the Iranian and the British officials not to make a mess out of this. But the Brits are more guilty, as they drew up fake boundaries in the Persian Gulf, and have now started a biased media campaign, going as far as calling what happened a “hostage crisis,” even though the conditions here are by far different from the actual Hostage Crisis of 1979. This is just going to get things worse, as Murray had said before.
If the Brits really wanna get their sailors released, may be they should be more careful with the words and not try to provoke anger on the Iranian side of the issue, but do they?

Again, let’s just hope the sailors will be released one way or another, ASAP.

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2 responses to “Please don’t mess up the sailors’ crisis more!

  1. You can only imagine the debate taking place within Iranian power circles over this, but according to Friday morning reports, Iran has created some wiggle room with a diplomatic note that seems to demand only that the British declare that they will respect Iran’s territorial boundaries and acknowledge the consequences that come from violating them.

    Importantly, it seems something short of a demand for an apology and an admission of guilt – but we’ll see.

    Of course Britain immediately did what you are warning against – issued a statement saying its good that Iran was bowing to international pressure. Just the kind of unnecessary taunt that can only make the Iranians get their backs up.

  2. Maybe Blair should say, “pretty please” and that will make things alright.

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