Blair doesn’t want the sailors released!

While Iran seems to be willing to release the captives, and has not demanded an apology, Tony Blair continues his furious rhetoric calling the treatment of the sailors (who at least seem to be well-treated and in good health) disgusting. Does he really expect to get the sailors released with this kind of words? What’s he really after?
I assure you with the kind of attitudes the Brits are showing, Iran will never release the sailors and Blair knows it!

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One response to “Blair doesn’t want the sailors released!

  1. Politically Blair is anyway on a sinking ship with his carreer. And now he shows the typical enraged behavior of a moron with “the back to the wall” as here in Europe we use to say.
    Hopefully it won’t be Bliar, using this situation to show “strenght”, having to have the say.

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