Kidnapped Iranian Diplomats

It’s been months since 5 Iranians diplomats were kidnapped by U.S. forces in Irbil, Iraq and several weeks since Ali Reza Asgari, a former Revolutionary Guards general, inconspicuously disappeared in Turkey, giving rise to rumors about a possible CIA/Mossad operation.
So far there has been absolutely no news on the whereabouts or the status of these captives. Opium and Saffron has more.

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One response to “Kidnapped Iranian Diplomats

  1. I am an educated man but I cannot conceal my utter dismay that you would still choose to refer to the 5 Iranians captured in irbil, Iraq a few months ago as “diplomats”. Last time I checked foreign diplomats were regarded with a certain amount of respect and privalege and showing a diplomatic passport could be considered a gateway to 1st class lounges, free drinks, an endless supply of unpaid parking tickets, and yes even identification of ones diplomatic status. These men were no more in Iraq conducting diplomacy than japanese whaling ships are scouring the worlds oceans for whales so they can conduct “research”. Perhaps what we’re dealing with here is a question of semantics. Maybe “diplomacy” in Iran means supplying insurgents in Iraq with weapons grade explosives so that while they kill hundreds of innocent Iraqis with Iranian IUD’s, every once and awhile they’ll catch an American soldier in there as well.

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