Things you HAVE TO know about Iran

Opium and Saffron has a very important message for Americans in favor of war with Iran. He would like to tell them

-That Ahmadinejad for all of his rhetoric only represents one of many circles of power in Iran – he does not have the same power as an American president and is not the one who makes the final decisions.

-That the Iranian leadership is not insane. It is made up of fat, rich, comfortable akhunds who don’t have a messianic death wish. They want to retain their power at any cost, not bring bombs down on their heads. They may not want to be America’s friends, but that doesn’t mean they won’t curb their more radical tendencies as long as any reasonable offers take into account their own desire for self-preservation and regional influence. (This might also require the U.S. to curb its own radical tendencies).

-That Iran is not the bleak, repressive society of Saddam’s Iraq, Khadafi’s Libya or Kim Jong-il’s North Korea. There is more political freedom in Iran than there is in Saudia Arabia, Egypt and other American allies in the Middle East. It is far from a perfect society but it is dynamic and changing.

The Persian/Iranian community in diaspora must echo this message all over the world, before Right Wing insanity drags people into misery again.

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4 responses to “Things you HAVE TO know about Iran

  1. I doubt what you say about political freedom in Iran. From what I am SEEING through the eyes of Persian’s (especially women) who are now in this country and their videos and testimonies, most who oppose the government fear for their lives. I have seen pictures of the cranes with the bodies of those who rebel. Your crazy sucidal president should be put down along with his spiritual advisors, then maybe the Persian people could show what their made of.

  2. I guess I should add there’s another thing to know, not about Iran, but about Iranians who flee the country: those seeking refugee status have to come up with something that would allow them to get it, such as stories abour torture by the government, sexual harrassment, etc. Not that these things don’t happen in the IRI, but I could say most people who give these “testimonials” when they reach a Western country, are just lying in order to get things going for themselves.

    Others may take advantage of the anti-IRI atmosphere and help the propaganda apparatus to make a living out of it.

    The point being, you shouldn’t assume that something happened just by hearing about it (part. in these cases). You have to see things with your very own eyes.

  3. Don’t believe you..Your highest in command backs an allows every word coming out of Irans President mouth. This includes the calling for all Americans,Christians, and Jews to be murdered..An you want us to believe they harbor no ill will towards us..
    Your country has a world death wish..To bring your God you are willing to kill an entire world to do so..All I can see is a country run by Satans people.

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