Iran: No need for a trial to release British sailors

It seems that things have worked out between Iran and Britain, through some positive attitudes assumed by the British lately, as I mentioned, and Tehran’s welcoming attitude toward those attitudes.

This issue can be resolved and there is no need for any trial

Says Mr. Larijani, the Iranian National Security Council Chief. Please watch his recent interview with UK Channel 4 on this issue, it’s very interesting.

I guess we can now expect the sailors’ release soon 🙂

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One response to “Iran: No need for a trial to release British sailors

  1. Political trends are destroying the Persian blogsphere. if you want to show a real and truthful perspective of Iran to all the international audience, you have to not forget your countrymate intelligences. For example, I was surfing Kourosh Ziabari’s blog ( and even now I can not accept that he is a 16 years old Iranian boy. why you don’t take him part in social and cultural activities or why you let him to be forgotten simply? introduce him by writing posts or giving links to his articles and help his language skills to be improved.
    you are there far in CA and he is left alone in Iran…

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