The Blogging Mullah!

From Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a Mullah and the Chief Secretary of the ex-President Khatami’s office:

Some people when come across ladies who do not have complete Hejab or a young man who is fashionable behave in a way as if they wereall corrupt people and are not following moral virtues without knowing what family background they are coming from. Many of them might have a very honest life and good behavior. Unfortunately many Iranians have such illogical and unrealistic attitude. On the other hand, there are many people who frown and sometimes insult when they see a clergyman or a person with religious appearance in the street without knowing what personal, scientific and political features he has. This is a social disease. Our country has been damaged a lot for having the dichotomy of black- while look. Can the next generation under the influence of global communications act like the other parts of the world and have a grey look to society?

Have a look at Mr. Abtahi’s blog in English.

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