Israel says it could live with a nuclear-armed Iran

Once again, Neocons and Co. seem to get it wrong. Israel has considered the possibility of coexistence with a nuclear-armed Iran, and they believe that it is plausible.

Could such a “balance of terror” be established in the Middle East? Ephraim Kam seems to believe so, perhaps in underestimating the danger of a proliferation that risks spreading in the region if the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) flies into pieces with the appearance of the “Iranian bomb.” Nonetheless: In counterpoint to the gung-ho American scenarios, the dispassionate approach of Israel’s principal strategic institute is rather reassuring.

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2 responses to “Israel says it could live with a nuclear-armed Iran

  1. That idiot president of yours with a nuclear bomb. What a joke. Let me see, I want to wipe Isreal off the face of the earth, there was no holocost, yeah, he’s stable!

  2. I find it highly amusing when people use the blanket term neo-con when they fail to recognise they’re backing an Iranian neo-con issue themselves.

    Iran is already a dangerous place to be if you’re an Iranian, and it’s made dangerous by the Iranian government, nobody else.

    When it continues down the path to the acquisition of one of the most dangerous and uncontrollable sciences in the history of mankind, at a period when it can’t even complete the most basic of advances in other energy sciences, it will learn to it’s detriment what it means to acquire a nuclear targetting plot from nations who have lived and fought through the past 60 years of nuclear, biological and chemical warefare.

    To that ends, if you have the merest sliver of sanity left you’ll stop equating the ability to instantly vapourise large sections of humanity with human rights and dignity.

    Remember Nuclear Winters are not the solution to Global Warming.

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