The results are out: Iran WON!

No matter what you think about this whole crisis over the British sailors, Iran took great advantage of the situation and got much of what it was looking for, while leaving a way out for the Brits to get their sailors back. Now everybody’s happy, except perhaps G. W. Bush (this guy almost never gets to be happy, because he can’t think!).

UPDATE: And, yes, Blair wins, too. Because he showed that, contrary to his American friends, he’s a person who stands for dialogue and reason rather than prejudice and insanity. He has made a statement after the release of the British servicemen:

To the Iranian people I would simply say this, we bare you no ill will. On the contrary, we respect Iran as an ancient civilisation, as a nation with a proud and dignified history. And the disagreements we have with your government we wish to resolve peacefully through dialogue.

Again, G.W. shouldn’t be too happy at this moment!

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