The Brits’ attempt to cover up the mess

The way Iran treated the 15 British sailors/marines who were in disputed waters with a clear mission, and their happy release has made Blair, Bush and the rest of the Cons in the West pretty mad. So mad, in fact, that they’re now trying to divert attentions to Iran’s alleged role in Iraq.

But the fact remains, the way the repressive theocracy in Iran treated its captives, compared to how the ‘civilized’ world treats its Muslim suspects, e.g. Abu Ghuraib, Guantanmo Bay, your local police office or immigration bureau, has made it clear to many people how untruthful their leaders and how misguided their own perceptions about Iran and the Middle East might be:

Iran treated those trespassing naval officers humanely. They were returned happy and healthy — to an extremely embarrassed Tony Blair and his government full of pasty-faced criminal minds. The UK media yesterday were so desperate to twist the embarrassment of the officers’ safe return into another headline about how violent Muslims are that the 4 ‘coalition’ soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday were ridiculously linked to the peaceful release of these vacationers.

And then in a remarkably sadistic pirouette of spin, Blair attempted to portray the Iranians as the main culprits responsible for the deathpit that has become Iraq.

This show has only one remaining audience: the idiotic members of the citizenry of the US and UK where voting is no longer a democratic action, but a knee-jerk reaction to manufactured hatred and fear.

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3 responses to “The Brits’ attempt to cover up the mess

  1. The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.

    – Charles Dickens: Dombey and Son (ch. XXIII)

    The next time British people enjoy watching an Iranian woman displayed on TV with all of her Islamic religious regalia removed to be replaced with a T-Shirt, Jeans and Trainers, forced onto camera to admit to a crime she has no knowledge of, we’ll give you a call.

    Until then kindly note that the ‘Brits need not cover up either their hair or this issue, which the civil majority of the planet recognise as a propaganda puppet show made available by Iranians for Iranian consumption.

    You might not want to look at Iranians who’ll come on your TV screens being told to apologise for things they are not responsible the same again, but I can almost guarntee it that you will anyway.

  2. Too bad we both like Chales Dickens.
    Wonder what he would say if he saw his worthy words on morality introducing your hateful comment.

  3. Oh i’m confident that Boz would have been well in his element here, given over to great bouts of social commentary and having spent a great deal of his youth covering detailed parlimentary debate in his country.

    Interesting that you descibe it as a ‘hateful comment’, for what nothing more that a plainly spoken, and further more a broadcasted truism at the time from the layman and the poor man alike in the United Kingdom.

    Suffice to say your displeasure at the mere thought of such an action is but a mirror of the actual action itself.

    Which places you firmly into contradiction, not I.

    Now, how are we placed for debating ‘cover-ups’? Do you feel on firm ground commenting from inside Tehran on such a subject matter?

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