Fascist ideas alive and growing in France

The results of the first round of French elections are out and Jean-Marie Le Pen has ostensibly been defeated. Yet, the man who finished first, did so by stealing Le Pen’s ideas and reselling them along with a much better image and a mighty apparatus to advertise them.

Nicolas Sarkozy did not push Le Pen aside by undermining his fascist ideas, but instead by normalizing, legitimizing and advertising them, bringing them to the open and placing them on the list of his propositions.

In the aftermath of his presidential defeat today, Le Pen announced,

“Nous avons gagné la bataille des idées, la nation et le patriotisme, l’immigration et l’insécurité ont été mis au coeur de la campagne par des adversaires qui, hier encore, écartaient ces notions d’un air dégoûté”

“We have won the battle of ideas, the nation and patriotism; immigration and insecurity were placed at the heart of the [presidential] campaign by some adversaries who, not a long time ago, would push these notions aside with disgust.”

He is clearly referring to Sarkozy and he’s right. Sarkozy’s victory, given the kind of ideas he represented during his campaign, would be yet another clue that brutal fascism and dark utilitarianism are on their way back to plague “the West,” and with it “the Rest.”

I had said before and say again that the man who represented hope, optimism, change and future for France was Francois Bayrou. His failure to win presidency is accompanied by his success to increase the number of his voters over 3 times and thereby emerge as a mighty political force in France. His relative success shows that the unfortunate process that is slowly undermining the ideas that Western nations used to represent is reversible.

Bayrou should not support either of the candidates, since that would undermine the incredible momentum he and his party have gained in brushing aside all political gibberish and standing for what’s right. But it would perhaps be wise for him to indirectly support Segolene Royal by speaking of some of her ideas (or at least emphasizing the ones he likes) and thereby make sure France doesn’t become an enslaved member of the new brand of Anglo-Americanism.

Let’s hope Segolene Royal will win the second round of French presidential elections.

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4 responses to “Fascist ideas alive and growing in France

  1. Hey – I just wanted to tell you I commented on one of your entries from January about “Persian” being synonymous with “Iranian”. Also, I saw your question about Islam and the Big Bang Theory. Did you ever find anything out about that? I’m interested to know. =)

  2. It’s just but a matter of time before Europe explodes into a frenzy of “ethnic cleansing” on a scale that will pale Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The focus of this genocide will be muslims from Russian to the U.K. & from France to Greece. If it does not end in outright genecide it will most certainly end in mass expulsion of muslims in particular and international immigrant populations in Europe in general. Part of the friction is a byproduct of Islam itself, it is incapable of ever “on a mass scale” assimilate into the European cultures. Orthodox catholicism is growing and that too will effect attitudes to what Europeans percieve as an alien element in their midst. And if you fail to remember history “and so you are condemed to repeat it” the animosity and hatred of muslims for anything non-muslim and the 1500 years of Christian hatred for islam along with the slow death of socialism and liberal humanism in Europe will arouse in the indiginous European populations an ethnic cleansing of horrendous proportion.

  3. Credit to Johannim for coming directly to the point.

    Muslim behavior & attitudes within Europe are sabotaging the very idea of large Muslim populations co-existing with others on that continent.

    You can feel & smell the awful storm that is building.

  4. After predicting the dire future in store for muslims in Europe I suspect 2 years down the road I am correct. The Catholic faith (a religion of more than 1.6 billion ) is reawakening across Europe and the World after the decay wrought by vatican 2 . From Europe to Canada from the US to China and Africa , Christianity is growing rapidly. Christianity in just 60 yrs is quickly replacing islam in sub saharan African the story is the same everywhere and it is the Catholic church that is reawakening as socialism & secularism are dying and worldwide, youth are looking for answers in the metaphysical not the zeistgeist of socialist revisionism. It is islam in Europe that will suffer because of it’s revisionism and anti progressivism 9th century mindset. The religion of Islam althought professing to be a belief in peace is in the 21st century in conflict with almost every other religion on the planet. that can only bring dire consequences for that religion.

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