Iran and U.S. Ready to Talk

Again, it’s hard to be too optimistic about Bush and Ahmadinejad, but both are being overcome by more pragmatic forces inside their own countries. A few hours after David Ignatius published this article saying Iran and U.S. are both ready to talk, Solana stated that Iranians are ready to engage. Solana is meeting Rice in a few days and will certainly convey Iranians’ willingness for dialogue with the U.S. to her. So, if nobody acts stupid, the 27-year old deadlock can finally come to an end, soon.

Why should the two countries talk? In case you can’t figure it out, the U.S. is stuck in the Middle East and needs Iran, and Iran needs to come out of isolation and play a serious role in world economy.

Who’s going to benefit? Iranian people because their lives can improve economically. The U.S. can also pressure the government (as a friend that is) to open up the society a bit. Iran can help clean up the Middle East of Sunni/Wahabi extremists and convince Shi’as to play a more constructive role for peace and security in the Middle East.

I known I’m being way too optimistic, but why not?! Let’s cheer up and be happy about this, at least before somebody screws it up!

By the way, these talks will only be meaningful if they are open, direct and transparent. Any kind of secret deal like the Iran-Contra affair (which is probably in some of these dirty politicians’ minds) will be really evil and should be seriously prohibited.

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2 responses to “Iran and U.S. Ready to Talk

  1. I do not think they are ready to talk now and i expect the media over the next few weeks will show this.

  2. That was before Iran walked out on a dinner because a violinest was wearing a red dress.

    So, who “really” wants to talk?

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