Segolene Royal Disappointing on Foreign Policy

Even though I think Segolene Royal has better intentions and stands more firmly by democratic principles and freedom of speech than Nicolas Sarkozy, it seems that her foreign policy will be very awkward and inefficient.

She had previously said that Iran is not allowed even to have a civilian nuclear program. Her critics in France cried out that Iran is entitled to do so under the NPT and her spokesperson implied that she may not have been fully aware of the NPT and its regulations. Much to my surprise and disappointment, she repeated this position again in her televised debate with Nicolas Sarkozy.

Furthermore, she did another gaffe saying France should boycott the Olympics in China, with Sarkozy cleverly pointing out how French athletes couldn’t compete in a country where Segolene Royal paid a diplomatic visit lately.

Furthermore, she has previously angered people in Canada for calling for the separation of Quebec, which is really none of her business or any other French politician (as is a civilian nuclear program in accordance with the NPT and the IAEA).

It seems from the polls that Sarkozy will be winning this election, even tough Royal did appear strong on many topics during the latest debate. Yet, her clumsy foreign policy is something that people might want to take into consideration before voting.

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2 responses to “Segolene Royal Disappointing on Foreign Policy

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  2. Sorry to break this to you buddy, but she was disappointing on much more than foreign policy..

    It was obvious throughout the debate who had the upper hand in terms of mastery of the subject. You shouldn’t have waited until Segolene said “Iran shouldn’t even have Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes” to see her for what she really is.

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