I do have a life…

Some readers here leave comments every once in a while, asking me to “get a life.” I usually pay no attention, but just for the record, I DO have a life, a very prolific life too, one that I pursue with a goal, a plan and one that is full of success. When somebody has an opinion and cares to spend a few minutes every once in a while sharing it with others, it doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t have a life. In fact, it usually means that he/she doesn’t even let those otherwise unproductive minutes of their life to go to waste. The minutes that I’ve spent writing this blog are the ones most people easily waste.


2 responses to “I do have a life…

  1. Bernie Howard

    Sometimes, you just need to get it out there !

  2. Actually, I’ve always envied people who are obsessed.

    When I listen to a guitarist like Steve Vai… Okay, I acknowledge that he’s way better than me. But I’m not actually jealous. When I hear about his 10, 12 (or 19!) hour practice sessions…. Then I’m jealous. Why can’t I have that kind of passion for something? I would consider that kind of obsession to BE a life.

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