Ahmadinejad does NOT want to nuke Israel

That’s right. Despite what we keep hearing in the media incessantly, Ahmadinejad is not aiming for the destruction of Israel. Ahmadinajad’s “Israel must be wiped off the map” quote is very likely to break quite a few records and be one of the most quoted sentences of the century. With the purposeful support of the media and Western politicians, it now seems inevitable to leap from what he said to a plan to nuke Israel.

What has not been mentioned, and what I would like to bring up, is that in my opinion, Ahmadinejad is no friend of Israel and does dream of a day when you would not see a country by that name on the map. Yet this can, by no means, be translated into a plan by him to destroy Israel.

I hope that when posterity reads Ahmadinejad’s famous quote, they will also be able to read his own words as to what he had in mind as a way for Israel to be “wiped off the map”. In his own words,

“As the Soviet Union disappeared, the Zionist regime will also vanish.”

Ahmadinejad clearly finds Israeli expansion at the expense of the Palestinian people wholly unacceptable. To this end, he talks about the need for regime change. Since the Soviet Union was not atom-bombed out of existence, there is no necessary military connotation in what he said. The Soviet Union was wiped off the map through no foreign interference, but because of the conflicts and defects that were inherent to its communist-Stalinist system. In Ahmadinejad’s view, as he has clearly stated above and in his other underreported comments, the “Zionist regime” will vanish because of flaws in its foundations, what it is and what it has done.

Please note that Ahmadinejad has never used Iran’s nuclear program and his views about Israel in the same context. If you are really interested, you may spend a little bit of time reading his own comments, not what have others inferred, and you will realize to what extent his views have been distorted to the advantage of certain political trends and ideologies.

Before I am accused of anything, let me state clearly that even though I do not think Ahmadinejad is anywhere close to being another Hitler, I do think he is a moron for feeding right-wing propaganda with his statements about the “Zionist regime.” I do NOT see a day when Israel is “wiped off the map.” I think Israel is there to stay, and so is Palestine. (And that’s about as much as I care about the aforementioned nations and their conflicts!)

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5 responses to “Ahmadinejad does NOT want to nuke Israel

  1. Good analysis, but so far I cannot see any evidences that the Terrorist Zionist regime is going to fall down soon.

  2. Thanks for posting this!

    I came to this post by coincidence.

    Even though I don’t know much about the current Iranian political situation and the Iranian president, I know that – from what I have heard in Dutch media – Ahmadinejad is the new boogy-for the West (and also Israel).

    It’s a pity that western journalists do not work objectively and with that I copy/pasting the main sources without even verifying it!

    I mean, isn’t that the primary function of journalism?

    Maybe the media fell pray for their subsidizers which are indirectly or indirectly influenced by current policymakers?

    Once again thanks for your efforts.

  3. Andrea ZImmerslut Engle

    FUck the Arab President ahmaLOSER for not wanting to kill Israel. they dumb niggers need to die for running steal jobs from USA> I want to NUKE ISRAEL> DEATH TO ALL JEWS, don’t believe me or disagree me??? Well, then, you fucking KIKES, call me at 1-717-875-6797 or find me and my awesome Aryan family at 691 West Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

  4. Alex Krieger Super Sow-LOVER

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  5. Sow-lover Alex Krieger

    America for sows!!!!

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