Ahmadinejad does NOT want to nuke Israel (2)

Ahmadinejad’s language may be violent. But listening to his statements and those of his foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki, this sounds like the gist of what he is trying to say,

If Israel was to live up to its own ambition of being a Jewish, democratic state, it could not rule over a Palestinian Arab population that would one day be its numerical equal. Yet that is the statistical situation today, with equal numbers of Jews and Arabs in the historic land of Palestine. If Israel is truly democratic, and grants all those people the vote, it will no longer have a Jewish majority. If it remains Jewish, by excluding those people, then it is no longer democratic. This is the so-called demographic argument, the unavoidable choice for Israelis left by 1967: either you hold on to the West Bank and Gaza or you remain a democratic state with a Jewish majority: you can’t do both.

…occupation corrodes the occupier, slowly but unmistakably.

Interestingly, the quoted text is from Jonathan Freedland’s latest comment in the Guardian, not an IRI representative. Ahmadinejad takes this one step further and says that if democracy were to rule, there wouldn’t be a Jewish territory on the Palestinian lands any longer, and thinks that this will lead to the demise of the Jewish state the way the Soviet Union died out.

Again, I strongly believe that based on what he has been saying about Israel, his views are based on abstract arguments and not a concrete plan to destroy Israel. However, there are some serious and well-measured intentions behind the apparatus that is distorting his views and advertising his out-of-context statement about Israel on a daily basis.

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5 responses to “Ahmadinejad does NOT want to nuke Israel (2)

  1. Dude, you may laugh about our futile attempts to have a Jewish state in this hole, but nothing is funnier than the Iranian “democracy”.
    We do have a demographic problem, even if the Palestinians will have a state that will be a good neighbor, which i doubt because they want our land. We have a big Arab population in Israel that has full rights, including voting. And they do not feel as they belong here, they want Israel to go away so they can live in Palestine.
    The solution of 2 states for 2 peoples doesn’t attract them, they want either one Arab state, or two states, one purely Arab, and the other multinational. It’s not just about territory, listen to what Hammas is saying, they want to destroy Israel to the ground. But I assure you that if they do, or if you do, we can guarantee mutual destruction, if you know what I mean. Better leave us alone and mind your own business, it’s a shame that a great country like Iran, with all its oil and gas, has to threaten small countries just to get some attention and some spare dollars from Russia or US.

  2. Mr. Israeli, There are two outstanding and tragically mistaken opinions implicit in your response.

    1) Unchecked certainty that Palestinians are unable to appreciate human dignity and peace. This is really a form of racism seemingly typical to Israelis and their sympathizers against Arabs. I have personally witnessed certain individuals take this attitude (at a University of all places!).

    2) The unchalleged notion that the nation Israel is a potential war victim of Iran. Here are some reasons to doubt that Iran would initiate a war with Israel:

    A) Iran doesn’t even recognize Israel as a sovereign nation. How can Iran begin to wage a formal war with a state whose legitimacy it refuses to even acknoweledge??

    B) The current government of Iran has no prior history of initiating war. Iran was, however, in a war with Saddam’s Iraq throughout the 80s, but Iran assumed a position of self-defense, because it was indeed under attack.

    C) Iran is a so-called Islamic Repbulic. According to Islam the Jews and the Christians are to be respected by Muslims. Therefore, the Islamic Republic would do well to observe this Islamic rule; otherwise Iran would cease to be an Islamic republic, as it were.

  3. well spoken M. Moussa. As a dutchmen I concur.

  4. Illinois supporter of palestinians

    For some reason us blacks are expected to side with jews on this issue. It’s clear to me the jews are the oppressors and get great pleasure out of remindin christians they killed jesus. Their zion is t views are as barbaric as the nazi s. You’d think they’d show compassion. Had they abided by the law. Hamas wouldn’t have a complaint. Their deceptive practices encouraged hamas’ stance. The objective was to antagonize so israel would justification for genocide. Who owes jews anything. The world has grieved for their sufferings and losts. How now do they ruled the world? Blacks endured much as well,you don’t see them takin over parts of the world. How are they granted so much consideration? Who the hell are jews that they can get away with crimes similar to crimes committed on them. America standin next to jews in this instance is criminal,as usual. Obama side with this b/s he can count my vote out. I didn’t vote for a coward!

  5. Andrea Engle Zimmerslut

    Burn burn burn burn the jews. Find my Aryan fortress at 691 West Ridge Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 and fight me, fuckers! Curse the Iranian Shah for not wanting to kill the KIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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