‘Exotic Persian Women’

The phrase above puts a smirk on the face of many Iranian women when pronounced by the white man. They think their beauty is being complimented and compared to some unique quality (i.e. ‘exotic’). Not many would notice the derogating tone in the voice of the while man, the bouts of testosterone in his blood driving his laryngeal muscles, shaking his vocal cords. Many miss the fact that ‘exotic’ is a quality of nothing of greater worth than a stupid little object to be used, misused, abused.

Many of them congratulate themselves for being promoted to the honor of being disopsable objects for the white man. They hear voices from the Western hemisphere telling them they would be set free from the the patriarchial bounds of their society. They know nothing of the implications: the agressiveness, the deceit, the emptiness, the insincerity…Some go as far as writing Reading Lolita in Tehran to support the cause that would strip them of their last layer of decency and lead the demise of what truly made them unique.

Yet, some have their eyes wide open; they tell us a different story. We should listen to them.

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14 responses to “‘Exotic Persian Women’

  1. What a load of rubbish, you take one person’s (Shirin Saeidi) twisted view of a newspaper article and use it to try to condemn all western men as sexual predators and users, as it happens I think some Iranian women are extraordinarily beautiful and graceful, I also wish that they would be allowed to dress how they please have the right to ride a motorcycle Etc, do you now condem me as someone who wishes to sexually enslave women Iranian or otherwise?

  2. You're Gullible

    Oh yes, let’s demonize the “while” (sic) man. So much better to keep your women all under chadors, firmly under patriarchal control, and ensure they know nothing of how a free woman should feel. Barbarians, join the 21st century or die.

  3. well I”m a persian girl .I live in Iran and i can see s.th that you cant .our women choose their cloths themself _and ofcourse not completly todays_but as Mark said there is some thoughts not legal that doesnt let women to ride a motorcycle if u have some question u can ask me .it makes me happy to answer you

  4. I think Shirin Saeidi has an excellent point. Furthermore, as an Iranian woman, I can assure you that we have MANY rights in Iran. We are doctors, lawyers (me), we vote and drive. Women cannot wear certain things, it is true. But, by no means are we covered up by a chadoor. I have a question for the two men above: Have you ever been to Iran? Have you seen how the women in Tehran dress?

    No? Well then you should not speak about a topic you know nothing of.

  5. I am aware that Iranian women can be doctors, lawyers, and other very educated fields. What I am curious about is, why are the men still so dominant? I am chinese, and I see similar dominance in korea, vietnam, and somewhat but not much anymore in Japan and china. Asian countries are very conservative as well; generally the more conservative, the more dominating the men are towards the women. Asian women are reaching out, wanting freedom and to be respected as equals. Why do Persian women submit so easily to Persian men??

  6. I’m a Taiwanese-American guy and I have a Persian girlfriend who I love very much. We are of similar background as children of immigrants, and she is exotic only in looks to me not some sort of Orientalist illusion of behavior. I don’t think I am exploiting her.

  7. ha ha ha hahahahahahahaha. UM. What? Persian men are some of the HORNIEST people I know. The religeon teaches them to supress any type of sexual urge as sinful, but its a natural act. I mean isn’t it that persian ideal of going to heaven a bunch of virgin hicks? I don’t know man. I think you need to relax. No one is looking at your ugly ass chicks. Maybe these “white men” are using the adjective “exotic” because they are trying to be nice. I mean we can’t even see these so called women you have in your country! they are all covered up with burquas and frickin bedsheets! They could be men for all we know.

    • Ugly chicks? I’m full persian 5’9 long black hair down to my booty I look like a victoria secret model. I think ur confused. Persian women are refferred to as exotic because they are too beautiful and sexy compared to boring white girl thin lip no ass look.. I noticed growing up that males from all different race/ethnicities want me. I think ur intimidated by true beauty, sensuality, and fiery sex. Keep hatin ur missin out :p one more think. No ones tryin to fuck with “white men” anyway no depth, culture, no swag, n NO chance with a sexy persian beauty

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