A history lesson that’s never old…

Major media outlets like the CNN or the BBC or the notorious Fox News seem to have memory spans of no more than two months. Nothing that occurred a few decades ago is of enough relevance to be discussed (except September 9/11 which runs the propaganda machines by the energetic horror that it invokes in the audience every single time that it’s mentioned.)

But I can’t think of a single phenomenon in a single field which can be explored without historical perspective. The following short video teaches an important history lesson for anybody interested in what relates to Iran and American foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond. You may as well watch it every time you’re about to turn on the TV for the evening news or look at the front page of the New York Times!

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2 responses to “A history lesson that’s never old…

  1. I really don’t think it’s the memory span of the news agencies … But rather, the attention span that particular people would like the majority of the population to have.

    I know that sounds like the old, proverbial: “kar, kar-e Englisast” (It’s the British!) … You know, the paranoid Iranian … But there is a level of truth to that belief I think.

    On a side note … although the BBC is biased in its own right … it leagues ahead of FOX NEWS and CNN!!!!

  2. All of this business started with 9/11.

    Don’t engineers have to figure out the tons of steel and tons of concrete to put on every level of a skyscraper? Wouldn’t that information be necessary to figure out if airliners could bring down the towers. The NIST doesn’t even tell the world the total amount of concrete.

    Why don’t architects and engineers in Iran do an analysis and expose the stupidity of the US?

    The nation that put men on the moon can’t tell the entire world the tons of steel and tons of concrete on every level of buildings designed before the moon landing. RIDICULOUS!


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