Think before you comment…

Well, I’m back from a trip and there seems to be lots of random comments here under different posts which I honestly can’t read. I’ve glanced at a few and many of them contain nothing but misinformation and misinterpretations as well as some personal attacks.

For instance, one of the most abundant things people say is along the lines of ‘why are you over here if you liked Iran so much.’ Well, I’m not here because I wanted to live in freedom and democracy. I could have just as much personal and social satisfaction in Iran, in addition to the happiness that goes with being around family and in the motherland. I’m here for studies and possibly work. The main problem in Iran is bad economy, corruption and mismanagement, not liberty, democracy and free speech– which you don’t get much of here particularly if you’re originally from the Middle East these days.

So please do some proper research and thinking and avoid personal accusations before enlightening me.

Thank you.


8 responses to “Think before you comment…

  1. Hello, Nima, I’m glad to see you are back … a couple of times I thougt where you might be.

    All my best whishes and keep up the good work!

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  4. (might wanna delete these ad-comments)

    Of course people are going to tell you to go back to Iran or wherever you’re from when you bring up the truth regarding the social problems of the West or anything of the like. It’s their only defense because they know its true.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You can tell when you’re getting to people when they show animosity. Mainly because they hate it when what they are comfortable with is challenged.

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