More Free Speech…

Apparently, the CIA is vandalizing certain entries on Wikipedia, particularly that of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All I can say is, “Wahhhhh”?!

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  2. I am writing/designing a book to help Americans understand that Iranians are human being that want peace. I hope to help mend, in my own small way, the problems the West has contributed to in Iran and Iraq.

    Please read my blog entry and give me any suggestions you have! If you know any Iranians who would like to contribute written words let me know.

    Thank You! Peace,

  3. You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

  4. @all
    The question of all questions is: Where the duce is Nima, the owner of this blog? What has happened with him?

    Anybody knowing something?

    Miss him !

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  6. does it surprise anyone _??

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    @@@ Extreme Point To make sure people don’t buy Isrr-aeli made products or products of supporters of isrr-ael products you can start secretly poi-s0ning those products and then secretly put them back in the sheleves of shops This shall make sure that after some time {when media knows about that} no one even supporter of isrr-ael shall not buy those products. By this way you can pun1sh Isrr-aeli and Isrr-aeli supporting companies very badly.{Very effective Technique}

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    1} How can just one person can stop/disrupt Isrr-aeli plane on any air-p0rt in the world and also cause majar disturbance to that air-p0rt?

    You send a anonymos tip that there is b0/m-b on that Isrr-aeli plane or that Isrr-aeli terminal or in that air-p0rt, which is serving the Isrr-aeli planes.
    Your tip shall stop the plane or can even shutdown the terminal or the shut down the air-p0rt.
    {please reaad the detailed instructions below before you do that}

    2} How can just one person close down Isrr-aeli building, embassies, offices
    or jewish office anywhere in the world??
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    First method You send a tip that there is b0/m-b in the building or the office.
    Second method You send a threatening letter about ant-thr-ax which contains white powder to that building address. {recepient shall think it is ant-thr-ax powder and they shall close down the building.
    {please reaad the detailed instructions below before you do that}

    3} How can just one person make all their Isreali law enf0rcement
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    You start sending Isrr-aeli Law enf0rcements 100s of fake and false tips. For each tip they have to investigate and waste valuable resouces and best part is even when they get a true tip it is more likely to be dismissed as false.
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    To add more fun into this when you send false tip send the false tip against some pro Isrr-aeli person so that Isrr-aeli law enf0rcement waste time by investigating enemies.

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    the biggest supporters of isrr-ael shall stop buying those products.
    {please reaad the detailed instructions below before you do that}

    +++Bonus: If you live where Isrr-aelis live to hurt them you can start poi-s0ning their water supply or products they buy, eat or consume.

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    {please reaad the detailed instructions below before you do that}

    Note: Some of the above may look cruel methods but remember even the most decent people and Govts have to use cruel methods to pun1sh the guilty. {For example: Govts have to hang or use electric chair or firing squads to pun1sh the guilty.}

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    +++ For maximum security please work single or in a very small group and do not talk to anyone about your accomplishments to anyone. {not even on internet} Because even your freinds can accidentely inform others about you so please do not talk to anyone about anything you doing.

    +++ You can use search engine to find addresses phone numbers and email addresses of your target. ( eve use the google at internet cafes)

    +++ Never send email from your own home computer or from your work computer or from your own
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    +++ To be extra careful when using the email in the internet cafe “add a anonymous proxy ip address’ in your browser {that shall make it even harder for anyone to trace the email to see where the email came from but still not imposssible
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    +++ Also try not to use same internet cafe again. Also it is better that you always create new email addresses for safety and then never login to that email address ever again.{even from internet cafe}

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    +++ Never use your own phone or own mobile to make calls even if you put different chip/simm in your mobile
    as your mobile shall still send its own unique identifier which is traceable so always use public phones.

    +++ If you use calling card at public phones do not use the same calling card to call any of your friends or relative. Also never use the same public phone again. Also look carefully to make sure there are no security cameras && video recording near the public phone booth.

    +++ Don’t use the same public phone to make any other calls to anyone else. Also do not use the same calling card to call anyone you know.

    +++ To be extra careful Avoid buying more than one calling card at one time. Because lets say you buy two calling cards first one you use to make calls to enemies and the second card you use to call friends. Then remember those two cards may be in sequence so an investigator may look at the next calling card’s calling list also. So to be safe dont buy two calling cards {which are in sequence} from one shop at one time.

    +++ When making phone calls to enemies make sure you do not use your own voice. Practice at home and learn to speak in different voice and use that changed voice when calling the enemies so even if they are recording your call they do not have your real voice on the recorder.

    +++ To be extra careful when going to make phone calls from public phone or when you go to send emails from an internet cafe please remember not to take your own mobile/cell phone with you. Because your own mobile phone continously sends out signals all the time and gives your location to where ever you go. { Or if you do take the mobile phone with you then take its batteries out as taking battery out ensures your are safe because even turning off mobile phone does not turn off its signals hence you need to take the batteries out of your mobile to make sure you are safe and so no signals are going
    out from your mobile}

    +++ To be extra careful never talk anything about your plans on any of your phones. Calls can be listened in
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    +++ For added security change your appearance when you go out to use public phone or public internet places or mailing a letter. For example wear a cap or hat and wear some types of glasses and wear clothes which you
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    +++ Instructions How to inject poi-s0n in Isrr-aeli made products or those companies’ products who support Isrr-ael. This method requires extreme care so please reaad instructions carefully and follow ALL instructions for maximum security,

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    + When going to these stores take utmost care change your appearance .. like wear some kind of hat
    or glasses and wear clothes you normally never wear

    + Above all try to make sure that they have no cameras watching you or learn to avoid those cameras.

    + Buy enemies product from the FIRST STORE, {the store you never go to preferabally far from your home and where there are no cameras or security}
    + Pay by cash
    + Try not to touch the product to avoid your finger prints on the product { so leave it in the bag}
    + Bring the product home && then wait a few days so as to put time between when the product was bought
    and when it was put on shelf. { this is extra security measure you do not have to do this}

    + Never touch the product with your bare hands always use gloves when you touch the product so as not to leave finger prints.
    + Wear gloves and inject the poi-s0n or some mild chemical from the bottom of the product after that cover the
    hole with some glue if need be. { Note any mild chemical can achieve the purpose as the goal is not to kill the
    people but just scare them and make them sick. Unless the users of the product shall be Isrr-aelis then feel free
    to use strong poi-s0n as the Isrr-aelis deserve strong poi-s0n}

    + remove the price label from the product if the second store where you shall put the product has different price tags
    + Now go to the SECOND STORE you have chosen {do NOT go to the first store} . As instructed this store should be far from your home and you never go there normally. { Take extreme care as this is the most risky part of plan}

    + Hide the product in your pocket or in your jacket so that it is not visible when you enter the store

    + You take a cart or shopping basket and start putting some products in it from the shelves

    + But do NOT go near the product shelf which actually contains the same product you have you on you.
    { this is to make sure if they rewind the store tape and try to see who was near that product you shall not be seen
    in that video}

    + It is best NOT to put the “p0i/s0ned product” on the shelf as you may expose yourself to some camera.

    + Instead what you do is very secretly drop your “poi-s0ned product” in your basket which alreaady contains other things you lifted from various store shelves.{ As store worker shall shelf your p0i/s0ned product later}

    + Leave the product in your basket or shopping cart and leave the shopping cart or basket somewhere
    where NO ONE is watching you.{ If store do not have basket or cart then leave the product on some area as
    later store worker shall shelf it}

    + Then you leave the store discretely without talking to anyone or without attracting any attention to yourself also do not buy anything from the store so as not to attract any attention.
    { Workers in the store shall find your basket and THEN THEY SHALL SHELVE YOUR P0I/S0NED PRODUCT TO THE APPROPRIATE SHELF themselves thinking it is their own stores product}

    { Later on you can email { from internet cafe } to the store manager or some media outlet a day or two later and let them know that you are poi-s0ning the Isrr-aeli made products and no one should buy them. You can give the location of the store and the name of product

    as your goal is not to hurt people but f0rce people not to buy enemy products. Again take utmost care in selecting stores where they have no cameras and plenty of rush If this method is not for you then dont use it and just stick with the other methods or just simply spreaad this Guiede around}

    +++ When you need to inject products with poi-s0n you can use everyday available p0i/s0ns like insecticide or rat poi-s0n or insect spray they are all poi-s0n.

    {Please note you may not have to use poi-s0n to scare people into not to buy Isreali
    products you can use some mild chemicals also Becasue the goal is to scare people into not
    buying the Isrr-aeli product and the goal is not about killing people}

    Mailing Letter detailed instructions

    +++ If you want to mail threatening letter always mail it from mail box don’t touch the letter or envelope with bare hands. Always wear gloves or plastic bags if you do not have gloves.

    +++ When mailing letter go as far as possible away from your home as you can when you mail the

    +++ You can print the letter and address label from printer then photocopy the printed letter and printed
    address and THEN USE THE PHOTOCOPY LETTER AND PHOTOCOPIED LABEL. This is to avoid sending direct printout from printerwhich may leave identifying marks, certain laser printers may also put invisible codes on all printouts

    hence dont use direct printouts instead make photocopies of your printout and send the photocopy.
    dont use hand written address use the photo copied address label.

    {As I said many printers leave their own specific mark on printers and certain laser printers put invisible codes also. To bypass that first print the letter from a printer and then get a photocopy made from that printout. And only send the photocopy while making sure that you do not touch the paper with your hands. {always wear gloves so there are no finger prints}

    +++ Do not touch the letter or the address label with bare hands always wear gloves. Don’t use
    your tongue to moisten the letter instead use water or glue. And make sure you never touch the letter or envelope or the address label with bare hands always use some glove, if you do not have any glove then wear some plastic bag over your hands.{As both hair and saliva contain your DNA}

    +++ To be extra careful Take precaution that nothing from your home or from your clothing, hair etc touches or gets into the letter. so take care that you do not drop any hair or any other identifying things on the letter or the envelope.

    +++ Mail the letter in a letter box far from your home when no one is watching you and make sure there are no cameras near that letter box. { Again avoid touching the letter with your bare hands always wear gloves to avoid putting your finger prints on the letter}

    +++ Take most care not to attract attention to yourself and talk minimum to anyone else around.

    Lastly thanks for reaading this, All decent humanity salute you for doing what you can do to pun1sh the tyrant and evil entity like isrr-ael and their supporters.

    Each of the above methods are extremely effective and would definately hurt && pun1sh evil Isrr-ael.

    Pun1shing isrr-ael for its crimes is a good cause so any help in any form is appreciated.

    What you can do to help?
    1} you can start by spreaading this Guiede to other places on the internet spreaad this Guiede to others. copy and paste this Guiede in various blogs or message boards using fake ids and from internet cafes. Create a website {free site} and Upload this Guiede and send links to others. { Do all that prefereably from some internet cafe and using fake emails your fake identies

    Always go to internet cafes for any internet work, uploads or creating websites etc Never login to those emails website or message board again using that ID Never login from your home or from your office also}

    2} Even deal with this Guiede carefully and when sending to others use some anonymous email ID and send it from some internet cafe and then dont login to that email address again.

    3} if you want to help you can translate this Guiede in other languages like french, persian, arabic, chechian and post them on blogs, message boards and other various forums. ( Or improve English , spelling grammer of this Guiede and repost it on internet – as I have done)

    4} Someone can expand this Guiede do spell check and make it more clear english and add more methods.

    5} Someone can add more details in this Guiede such as list of Isrr-aeli made products or list of important Isrr-aeli offices in the world or air-p0rts where Isrr-aeli passenger planes land etc come etc. { Also someone can add which companies support isrr-ael as those companies and their products can be targeted

    6} This Guiede can be used against other enemies countries like India {Kishmer issue} and Russia{Chechnia issue}

    7} Someone can add names addresses , phone numbers , email addresses of enemy law enf0rcement agencies so they can be targeted by the above methods.

    Best of Luck please translate this Guiede in other languages and spreaad the Guiede ,,,

    Disclaimer This Guiede is written for educational and entertainment purposes. We are not responsible for any thing. {Updated && corrected version from original Jolly Guy}
    {After reaading this Guiede please forward this to as many people as know Having or sending this Guiede is legal in most places as this guide is only for educational purposes we are not asking anyone to act on these instructions but still take extreme caution}

    Example of how to use this guide
    Lets say you see some person, or some media or some office is the enemy.
    You can use any of the above methods to pun1sh them.

    For example send false tip about b0/m-b or send them powder in a letter or send a fake tip about them to law
    enf0rcement in that country.

    To pun1sh companies who support isrr-ael you start p0i/s0ning their products. Or send
    them fake tip about b0/m-b or send them powder in a letter.

    Third to pun1sh isrr-ael you start sending 100s of fake tips to their law enf0rcements. {And law enf0rcement
    of isrr-ael supporters} Make sure to change tip subject && language to make it look like it is coming from different
    { We have to take this task of getting justiice from isrr-ael as no one in the world shall do that for you . those innocent deaad Gaa-za children should not be forgotton – Those children could be your sons daughters and brothers and sisters so please do whatever you can to help- Thanks}

    Thanks to MA , JM, MT, JH, AT and UM for improving this Guiede with English & grammar and with more tips. Please spreaad this Guiede to everyone, Special thanks to MI for translating into English.
    {special thanks to KJ, JW, TH and DA for good work for this Guiede,}


  8. please sign and distribute

    campaign with us for the sake of humanity we need a million signature

  9. Farah Jahanbani

    You can post to Video, Photo, Poem, Business Directory..etc . is a community of Persian lovers ..Have fun ..Thanks!

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