The name is Nima, 21 year old, student, born in Shiraz, Iran (Province of Persia aka Fars), lives in Canada. Speaks, reads and writes Persian, English and French; loves politics, history, science, soccer, etc.


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  1. We appreciate hearing from you Nima. We are genuinely concerned for what America is planning for Iran. It is much deeper than simply a group of politicians with a point of view. The Middle East is in the process of being reformed by the western internationalists. This leaves a religious fundamentalist nation pretty much out of the loop. It seems very clear to us that Iran is the next target no matter the “diplomatic” efforts. Sorry to say it, but the world is coming to its end. If someone is not allowed to be who they are, then God will take away that right from everyone.

  2. Nima,

    Hello, I am a graduate student in journalism at the University of Kansas in the U.S. I’m writing an article for my Master’s project about bloggers who write about Iranian culture, politics, sociopolitical reform, etc., and would like to interview you for it. I would have contacted you via email, but I couldn’t find your address on this page.

    Please let me know if you are at all interested in helping, or have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


  3. Hi I participated with PIZZA GHORMEHSABZI in salsomaggiore in Italia that I had 2 honore diplom and a lot of gratulatioes and a lot of tv, radio and newspaper in the world (italia.iran germany usa and …)thay spoke about me and my pizza ghormehsabzi, I live in italia and I have a nice persian gallery(SHIRIN), and happy to my inventione and for any informationes in your dispositiones and also who has any informatione or knowes and things like news foto or website tell me that i would like to have it for my archive, thank you very much , and I have to tell you I had the diplom from italian pizza school in lecce italia and did a lot of ricerca and study to have this rislutato, sorry for my english ,kisssssssss

  4. Hi Nima, I really like your blog. I just started one too and was looking at getting listed in the Iranian Blog directory. Let me know if you know how to get listed please. Again, love your blog! I read the bit about fabrications in the media with the YouTube post and it’s quite good and provocative. Thanks, Maryam

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  6. Nima jan…are you still out there? I miss your entries.


  8. Hi Nima jan :

    Sorry to post this as a comment but wanted to let you know about a new network about our Persian Culture. Please join. We are all gathering in there.



  9. Anna Nikbakht Nooshin

    Salam Nima,


    I hope this finds you well. I am a Persian student in my final
    year completing my master’s in Communication Science at the University
    of Amsterdam. I am currently writing my master’s thesis about Persian
    bloggers living in and outside of Iran. I stumbled upon your blog while
    reading the thesis of Alexis Rigby (Looking for freedom; an exploration
    of the Persian blogosphere). I hope you don’t mind me asking you the following question:

    I want to interview appr 10 Persian bloggers about their motivations to
    blog about Iran, their lives and adventures. My thesis is about the
    influence of weblogs on the communication of opinions of the younger
    Persian generation.

    My question to you is if you would be interested to be interviewd by me
    for my thesis. Ofcourse, all of the participants will remain anonymous
    and all of the questions are optional for you to answer. Also, if you
    have any Persian friends who write a blog, could you perhaps forward
    them this email so that they can also participate if interested.

    I also want to tell you how much I admire all of your courage to keep a
    blog about such a beautiful, but controversial country. I myself lived
    in Iran for 8 years, so I know how hard it is sometimes to be heard.
    That is why I want to write this thesis, so that I can give all the
    unheard voices on these blogs a chance to be known.

    Please let me know what your thoughts about my question are. If you
    need any more information about my thesis, please also don’t hesitate
    to ask.

    I hope that we can work together.

    All my best,
    Anna Nikbakht Nooshin
    Studentnumber: 0600369

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