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Think before you comment…

Well, I’m back from a trip and there seems to be lots of random comments here under different posts which I honestly can’t read. I’ve glanced at a few and many of them contain nothing but misinformation and misinterpretations as well as some personal attacks.

For instance, one of the most abundant things people say is along the lines of ‘why are you over here if you liked Iran so much.’ Well, I’m not here because I wanted to live in freedom and democracy. I could have just as much personal and social satisfaction in Iran, in addition to the happiness that goes with being around family and in the motherland. I’m here for studies and possibly work. The main problem in Iran is bad economy, corruption and mismanagement, not liberty, democracy and free speech– which you don’t get much of here particularly if you’re originally from the Middle East these days.

So please do some proper research and thinking and avoid personal accusations before enlightening me.

Thank you.


I do have a life…

Some readers here leave comments every once in a while, asking me to “get a life.” I usually pay no attention, but just for the record, I DO have a life, a very prolific life too, one that I pursue with a goal, a plan and one that is full of success. When somebody has an opinion and cares to spend a few minutes every once in a while sharing it with others, it doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t have a life. In fact, it usually means that he/she doesn’t even let those otherwise unproductive minutes of their life to go to waste. The minutes that I’ve spent writing this blog are the ones most people easily waste.

Les jours tristes

It’s hard, hard not to sit on your hands
And bury your head in the sand
Hard not to make other plans
And claim that you’ve done all you can all along
And life must go on

It’s hard, hard to stand up for what’s right
And bring home the bacon each night
Hard not to break down and cry
When every idea that you’ve tried has been wrong
But you must carry on

It’s hard but you know it’s worth the fight
‘Cause you know you’ve got the truth on your side
When the accusations fly, hold tight
Don’t by afraid of what they’ll say
Who cares what cowards think, anyway
They will understand one day, one day

It’s hard, hard when you’re here all alone
And every else has gone home
Harder to know right from wrong
When all objectivity’s gone
And it’s gone
But you still carry on

‘Cause you, you are the only one left
And you’ve got to clean up this mess
You know you’ll end up like the rest
Bitter and twisted, unless
You stay strong and you carry on

It’s hard but you know it’s worth the fight
‘Cause you know you’ve got the truth on your side
When the accusations fly, hold tight
And don’t by afraid of what they’ll say
Who cares what cowards think, anyway
They will understand one day, one day, One day

Lyrics of Les jours tristes, by Yann Tiersen. Album: C’etait ici.

Happy No-Rooz!

No-Rooz literally means ‘new day’ and is the start of the Persian new year. Persians and other Iranians have celebrated No-Rooz for thousands of years as their most important and happiest event of the year.

No-Rooz is the day of the equinox, the beginning of the spring and the day that nature undergoes a revolution for the better.

Iranians pray on this day that their lives will change for the better in harmony with the nature.

Let’s hope the new year will be one in which people would overcome their ignorance and prejudices and move towards peace, prosperity and happiness.

Here’s my No-Rooz gift for you. 🙂

Happy No-Rooz!

PS. The New Year starts at 8:07:26 PM EST this year. For more about No-Rooz you may read this.

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Freedom of Expression?

So the Time Blog has been deliberately censoring my comments. For instance, I posted a comment here, saying that contrary to what GW Bush has said, Iranian students visiting the U.S. with valid Visas were detained and deported in the Airport last year.
They have not published my comment, and it’s the second consecutive time they do it.

I don’t know what to expect from Bush, when Scott MacLeod– who tries to sound like a liberal and criticized Bush’s foreign policy– doesn’t think people have a right to express their opinions.

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Do NOT Misunderstand Me!

What I’m trying to do in this blog when it comes to the issue of Iran and politics, is to point to some excesses in Western media in drawing an uncompromising and dark picture of the Iranian society and politics.

I do have my own criticisms of the Islamic Republic, and I have talked about it before. I believe that its establishment was a mistake, but now there are ways to fix it, but that requires time, patience and a positive attitude and not plain blind hostility by the West.

I am NOT affiliated with the IRI. I was young when I left that country and have no plans to go back. I’m aware of how IRI has made life difficult for ordinary Iranians. I’m aware of all the excesses in applying Islamic law to every aspect of people’s lives.

But people, things HAVE BEEN getting better and if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to make a trip to Iran and see it for yourself, or at least watch something like this, before drawing conclusions.

Awaken that skeptic in you and always take things that media and politicians offer you with a grain of salt.

And remember, your opinions DO matter. If you don’t give your governments the green light to destroy some other people’s lives– that are just as human as you are– they will never dare do it. So you have a RESPONSIBILITY to try to understand what the real stories are, before endorsing what has been given to you by people whose credibility has been proven to be questionable.

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Header Images: A four-season journey through Persia

I have decided to change my header images in concert with seasonal themes, and try to depict Iran, its landscape and its people through these images.
What you see now is a picture of Mount Damavand, the tallest mountain in the Iranian Plateau, located just North of Tehran; and looking at the picture I can tell this picture was probably taken near the beginning of Esfand in the Persian Calendar, that is around the end of February to beginning of March.

Mount Damavand has been used as a symbol of national pride, unity, strength and resistance against foreign rule in Persian literature, qualities that are particularly relevant in the face of the current crisis.

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